Some Names for Bound For Glory revelead

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  1. [​IMG]

    Bound For Glory pay-per-view will take place on October 12th at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Tickets go on sale this weekend at the Korakuen Hall Box Office during the scheduled show from Wrestle-1.

    The following 14 names have been announced for the event:


    "Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe

    "The Cowboy" James Storm

    "The Great" Sanada

    "The Monster" Abyss

    "The Wolves" Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards




    The Great Muta (Wrestle-1)

    Tajiri (Wrestle-1)

    More names will be announced soon, plus Team 3D (Bully Ray and Devon) will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.
  2. Lol, the fuck is Muta doing in there? He's old and should become a rare attraction.
  3. No Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries or Bobby Roode?
    Close the doors TFA; out of buildness
  4. Pretty sure Hardy can't even attend.. wouldn't count out Aries or Bobby just yet.
  5. In TNA world he is a rare attraction, as he only appeared twice for them thus far. He'll probably be in a tag match against Sanada (who betrayed him), and also considering BFG is in Japan and BFG itself is being co-promoted by Muta's own company, it is only logical he is featured on BFG. Plus, Muta is still a good draw in Japan, so that will probably help TNA sell out the 2000 seat Korakuen Hall in matter of few weeks. The Great Muta is great for TNA Wrestling nowadays.
  6. Not sure about Harvey at all since his previous demons are I guess still hunting him to this day, but they did say "more names will be announced'. Guessing they are waiting for Lashley's MMA fight on 9/5 to go without injuries so they can announce him.

    Really hoping to see Roode, Aries, EY, Spud, King, Magnus, Gunner, Tigre Uno, Low Ki, Gail Kim and others perform in Japan, hopefully they announce them asap.
  7. Would like to see Tigre Uno at BFG myself.
    Is Jeff allowed in Japan or is that one area that he cannot fly to?
  8. I was actually joking.
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  9. Will Davey be ready by then? Doubtful. cool to see Tajiri always been a mark for him,
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  10. It would be nice to see puro again
  11. Lol, Hardy can't go to TNA UK tours, so one has to question can he go at least to Japan. We shall see.

    Tigre Uno has actually been wrestling, tagging with E. Edwards on Wrestle-1 Summer Tour this entire week 8/24-8/31, obviously replacing injured Richards. Will post his matches if I find them soon, as Uno in Japan sounds ultra fun.

    Richards will be ready bro. He said he's already way ahead of his recovery schedule, what a beast.
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  12. Hardy is a mask guy, but I'm not sure the Japanese take too kindly to removing masks and putting them back on.
    The again, I many be confusing with the luchadors. My gut tells me the Japanese over there would probably assume Jeff is a poser.
    For all intents and purposes, Hardy shouldn't play that huge of a role at the PPV.

    Even though the Bound For Glory series was put on hold, I expect Roode, Bully (in a last hurrah) or possibly Eric Young to be in the main event.
  13. Roode maybe, but the other two? Zero chance, zero.
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  14. I expect to see Roode and Lashley in the main event, plus one more guy (Young, MVP, Aries? Idk). If Young and MVP aren't in the main event, have them do a Steel Cage match like they were meant to have back in Slammiversary. I'm also thinking that Kenny King can go for Samoa Joe. Hopefully Magnus, Shaw, Gunner and Anderson can get on the card, last 3 probably will judging by current storylines while they still don't know what to do with Magnus (apparently him watching Bram vs Abyss every week will make him a top star)...
  15. I was going based off storyline continuity. Those three appear the strongest at the moment.
    At the end of every show I've seen lately, it's featured one of those three. I wouldn't Bully would win and realize Young is a long shot.
    If I were going purely off who has the writers clearly behind him, its Sanada. He's being groomed for a semi-main event spot, which will gain tremendous buzz.

    If Lashley remains champ, this leaves Roode as the favorite. With Lashley 'unbeatable' it appears he will hold it until then.
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  16. Ethan Carter III has more momentum than MVP or King at the moment. MVP and King have heat but not momentum.
    Gunner will likely feud with Melendez and I believe the company is down on Magnus at the moment.

    It's unfortunate Lashley is on such a role because Carter III is inching behind as vicious heel.
  17. Davey Richards will no sell the booking.
  18. That's probably because Bram has been outshining Magnus completely ever since June and Slammiversary XII.

    But I do like Magnus and hope he gets back on track as he is a talented guy and simply deserves another push soon.
  19. Here's Tigre's match from couple days ago, taggin with Edwards for W-1 in Japan

  20. [​IMG]

    Ryota Hama, Wrestle-1 star, will have an interpromotional singles match against a TNA star at Bound For Glory, confirmed Wrestle-1 official Jimmy Suzuki on twitter.

    His opponent will be revealed soon to the public.

    Good choices for this could be: EC3, Rockstar Spud, Bram. Bad choices: MVP, Abyss, Joe.

    It all really depends.
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