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  1. I just did some math pertaining to the use of the 3 hour Summerslam. I added up the match times for the matches excluding the pre-show match. The total match time was 79 minutes and 31 seconds. Now, sure there are entrances so maybe that adds another 20 minutes? 30 maybe? So now we are at 99-109 minutes. The official song was performed. What is that, another 4-5 minutes? So now we are at 104-114 minutes. The show was 170 minutes long, as it ended 10 minutes early. That leaves 56 minutes. That is nearly an hour that they used for recaps.

    :finger: WTF

    Source for match length time
  2. [​IMG]

    Surprised Trips Brock only went for 18 minutes tbh.
  3. Me too. I expected it to go longer. Kind of glad it didn't though. Wasn't feeling it.
  4. Bork Laser likes math. Bork agrees, no recap for near hour, could put Cody/Cara or Damien/Brodus in there. And Bork match should have been longer.
  5. The biggest issue I had was Brock constantly going for the kimura, it made sense from a psychology point for him but not Trips, it's been months since it broke his arm, surely he could have devised a way to counter it. Ruined the story aspect slightly IMO, although Brock's selling for the stomach injury was great IMO. I'm still not sure whether he was actually hurt or not.
  6. I knew the video packages were long but not that long... to be honest they were well put together.. its just that they showed them multiple times
  7. Right? I was thinking that I don't remember him being particularly great at selling so I was concerned he might actually have been hurt.
  8. Exactly. I am okay when they show it right before the match but we did not need to see them multiple times.
  9. if they took out the extra video packages they could probably fit in a ryback or divas's very sad that there wasn't one...
  10. WWE: We have a ton of Divas? A match :haha: Lets have them dance to a shitty song performed poorly.

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