Some rumors on a physical hall of fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Have at it.

  2. Would be OK, but it still won't mean anything (the HoF).
  3. I honestly think they should put it in a growing city or a city that can use the financial help. Plus, Florida is a bad area because of storms.
  4. Florida has a lot of hot chicks so i wouldnt mind going there 2 times every 10 years. It's just a shame that the physical HOF will be there. I wish it was somewhere on the northeast coast.
  5. Yeah, it'd make sense for the WWE HoF to be on the Northeast.
  6. Florida is logical as well though. It's a popular tourism state, with tons of visitors each month. It is also a big wrestling state with a long, long history. And if they want to establish a second HQ there I think it is smart to combine it with a HOF to distinguish it from Stamford
  7. Yeah, if they want a 2nd heardquarter it makes sense indeed.
  8. Aww hell yeah, the physical Hall of Fame will be in the Impact Zone!! Woooooooooooooo
  9. INB4 Vince actually buys the Impact Zone and makes it a HOF. #TNAOnTheRoad
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  10. Send that as a scoop to Meltzer.:dawg:
  11. That's a good point, but the northeast is more synonymous with wrestling than the south east now. Plus when you think of Florida, you think Disney World, not WWE HOF. I wouldn't call it tourist trap material. If anything it should be right by Titan Towers, it'd be a good thing to show off when business partners come to HQ
  12. The North East.........of England
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