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  1. If you watch enough wrestling for a while over the years things often get a bit predictable.

    Back in the day title reigns were a bit longer. Hogan held the belt for several years and to this day the Honky Tonk Man and Demolition have the record for the longest IC and tag team title reigns.

    If you switch titles to often the belts lose their impact. This happened to WCW in 200 where he heavyweight title changed hands almost bi weekly (22 changes IIRC) and something similar happened in 1999 with the AE.

    Anyway I suspect The New Day will beat Demolitions record only to lose the titles after that.

    The Miz has held the IC title for a while. Once upon time the IC title meant a lot, these days their might be to many belts going around due to the brand split. The IC title was usually on the technical wrestlers or an up and coming contender to the main belt. For example Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and The Rock all held the belt before becoming the main event and sometimes an IC title match was the main event at a major PPV.

    So maybe The Miz well hold the title and bet Honky Tonks record and then he will lose it to someone IDK. its funny that the wrestlers I saw as a kid in the late 80's still have the record for longest title reigns and excluding Sammartino Hogan held the belt for a long time as well.
  2. They are trying to make records a thing again. Like just the last few years the wrestlers who break one or are on the verge of breaking one say it over and over again when they promo.
    I have no issues with this but they need to be smart about it. Don't just let a handful of people hold the belts FOREVER but also don't let others only hold them for a minute. We need a mix so it is not so predictable.
  3. I don't want to see this.

    I want to see this.
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  4. Long reigns is not an issue if you can build believable interesting challengers.

    The New Day is an example of it not working. There's not really any oomph in their challengers, by this point it is almost a foregone conclusion that the New Day wins the title match. This can work in WWE's favor if they run an upset win. But it could also be risky.

    Meanwhile over on Smackdown you have the Miz's IC reign, which has been night and day to the New Day. Granted the Miz is also a heel and has a keen eye for getting attention on the challenger, making the challenger belieavable and rooted for by the fans.
    Another factor not to forget of course is also the difference in length of both reigns. The New Day have held the tag belts for much longer than Miz has been Intercontinental champion. So the measuring sticks are different.
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  5. The Miz is awesome. I do hope he gets to break The Honky Tonk Man's reign of 454 days.

    The New Day are nearing towards Demolition's record, and they will break it, most likely.
  6. I'm very curious to see who gets to end both the IC and Tag Team Title reigns...
    I don't mind long title long as the right wrestlers have them.
  7. This is wishful thinking, but the IC title going to Samoa Joe would really tickle my fancy.

    Wouldn't surprise me if Ziggler won this Sunday, though. Maybe we'll get to see a little tit-for-tat this time, with DZ cheating to win to not only save his career, but win the IC title, as well.

    I doubt that's the route they'll be taking, but still, it's a possibility I wouldn't rule out of happening.

    Still have The Miz winning, though. It's my favorite scenario. Plus, DZ could really use some time off.

    As far as the RAW Tag Team titles go, well... Cesaro & Sheamus aren't taking it at HIAC as much as we want it to, right?

    Would love to see 'em win, but I'm not too optimistic about them dethroning The New Day.

    Color me surprised if they aren't going to serve as the cannon fodder to The New Day as they head towards the all-time record. Hopefully I am proven to be wrong about this.

    It'll probably be Enzo & Cass who dethrone The New Day. Or even better - The Revival (if they don't wind up going to SmackDown).
  8. I hope the New Day doesn't beat the tag team title reign!......Please God!
  9. The New Day example by @Stopspot is prefect add Niki Bella's long Divas title reign to that too. Personally I think Miz has been great that last year or so. If he beats Honky Tonk's record cool as long as he is well built story-lines, meaningful feuds and his matches go well at PPV or TV shows no problem.

    When want to do long title reign you have memorable moments and most importantly when someone beats Miz for the IC title it is a huge win putting both the guy who won over big and Miz for holding on that long. But if Miz drops the title and nothing happens afterwards it would be for nothing.
  10. Nikki was a bit ahead of the curve compared to the rest of the division. Nikki stepped up her work leading into winning the belt and then her run with it. But very few of the women at the time could play catch up and the reign suffered for it. Once the NXT ladies came along it was time for her to drop it
  11. Agreed on her work in ring, my biggest problem is I can't remember bugger all about that reign besides the NXT ladies and the end match with Charlotte.
  12. It's totally happening, dude.
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