Some Wrestlers Are Not Happy With Jericho's Return

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Wrestlinginc

    This is probably just inaccurate, but if it is true, then that is truly pathetic.
  2. Jealousy cause he is better than they are. You make it to WM if you can draw. If you're good enough it doesn't matter how many guys return, you'll have your spot.
  3. When some of those 'wrestlers' actually develop themselves, and work as hard as Jericho did, than, and only than, will they be able to complain about Jericho taking someone's spot.
  4. Typical definition of dirtsheet report, lol. Don't buy this garbage.
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  5. Well, assuming it's true (because it sounds quite possible), yeah, it's pathetic. Jericho can actually entertain and draw, if the people who complain so much could too they'd be at WM.
  6. If u complain about jericho , then u must complain about Lesnar , HHH , Rock ..etc .. bullshit.
  7. Dirtsheet reporting = fantasy booking.
  8. They just mad cause Jericho > Everybody
  9. This report happens literally every year so not buying this shit.
  10. Seen that before. If this is true that some superstars are stupid. The Rock wrestled twice since he is back and WWE Champion.
  11. Only people who should be complaining is ones better than Jericho.... Which means none because they'll all be at mania. Sure don't hear anybody complaining about Brock coming back... Maybe cause he'd break their damn arm.

    Whoever its complaining is a punk ass bitch, as Rocky would say. Or like the great Herm Edwards said "be a man, put your name on it. Don't be afraid of it."

    ~Three Said That~
  12. Wrong, the guy who works one of the lights was angry about Jericho's return. He was so mad that he told the makeup artist and she told Bob the part time cameraman. Now all of production is angry at Jericho :jeritroll:
  13. Jericho is fantastic and consistently steals the show whenever he's on the mic and in the ring. They can stay mad! I can't blame them for being jealous :jeritroll:
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