Somebody call my moma!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Haha this was the funniest WWE theme song ever! I laughed hard.
  2. "My Bad"
    "Suplex Time"

    Love his in-match quotes.
  3. I hated the gimmick last night but now I've re watched it im kinda starting to like it. Sure its over the top and comical but isn't that what made us wrestling fans in the beginning?
  4. Lol I'm starting to like it because he does it well, you can see he's talented. He made a dead crowd laugh/cheer. He made NXT crowd boo him like he was Miz. It could work.
  5. Best thing in WWE today! WWWYKI!
  6. I thought so too haha. Big Brodus has a good future ahead of him.
  7. Rikishi v2?
  8. Nah Rikishi was absolutely terrible, but he was funny.
  9. You didn't consider Rikishi a good talent? He was phenomenally athletic for a big guy.
  10. What, his butt plant to a face in the turnbuckle? lol

  11. He was capable of more then stinkfaces you know.
  12. Wow remember both of those from Rikishi. He was great :emoji_slight_smile:.
  13. WOW!!! Bottom one was phenominal.. I stand corrected.