Someone explain to me the benefits of having a champ job his ass off?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. We know I hate Orton, but damn, why do people even want DB as WWE WHC considering that title is buried under 100 pounds of Orton jobber shit atm? The dude never wins matches anymore and has lost to everyone on the roster as "champion". I'm all for chicken shit heels, it is a part of life, but just a jobber champion? Not only does it make Orton seem a fag, which is whatever, but it is completely devaluing the shit out of the championship.

    The only good thing from the title being buried is Orton is DONE once he drops the belt. Mid card hell, Orton, party of 1.
  2. Down with Orton!
  3. Because they think people will buy the PPV if a title change looks likely.
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  4. agree!! Orton has the credentials to win cleanly at least once in a while.. and making things seem "even" between competitors would make for a more intriguing PPV
  5. In kayfabe, is the title really being buried? The storyline is that Orton has the belt because Triple H wants him to. He's not really champ so the title can't mean anything until it goes on someone worthy.

    And it's far too late to give Orton any kind of credibility lol
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  6. Orton has been really good on the mic lately imo. He's playing the role perfectly. The only benefit I see is that people believe that he isn't talented and shouldn't be champion? It makes it seem like he is just getting lucky by keeping it. You can look at it a million different ways, that's just my POV. The title is still valuable to me, but I will say with the emergence of the shield/wyatts it is often 2nd or even 3rd most important match on the card.
  7. This seems to be happening to both Orton as well as AJ Lee. I suppose champions are made to look like jobbers when they want to add more competition to the title or make the underdog look like a plausible option. It gets the fans hyped for a new champion that could or could not happen soon.
  8. It seems like with AJ it's the old formula of "the champion loses a match to a challenger, which sets the challenger up for a title shot down the road". So many better ways to do the same thing.
  9. Like Rain said, it doesn't really bury the title, just buries the guy that's holding it. I'm sure the point here is to intentionally make Orton look like an unworthy and undeserving paper champion. I mean, we all know his whole reign began with a screw job at Summerslam and then again at Hell In A Cell. And outside of his victory over Cena at TLC, he's needed interference to retain his championship on every single occasion that he's defended it. Honky Tonk Man's historical Intercontinental Championship reign was booked similarly. He didn't job all the time in non-title matches, but he was clearly inferior in talent and skill to pretty much all of his competitors, yet still managed to sneak away with a victory over them every time.

    In regards to the tag team match on Raw, I'm sure that specifically was just a simple case of wanting to protect Batista more than Orton. They're probably saving that moment where Batista suffers a clean, decisive defeat at the hands of someone for later (probably against Bryan at either Wrestlemania or in a one-on-one feud with him.)
  10. Makes the challengers look good but they go overboard with it.
  11. Nah, lots of title reigns are like that, specially with super chickenshit heels like orton is supposed to be. His reign has been enterteining so far IMO, can't understand all the hate on Orton, his acting is always spot-on and he knows how to emphasize the good points of the challengers. I also doubt wwe will bury him to eternal mid-card, it would just feel weird after so many years with Randy as one of the main stars
  12. Not only did he job his ass off again on Raw but also did so through the result of a Batista spear, a spear? Not even a Batista bomb for the pin fall? :damn:
  13. They go overboard all the time, not a big suprise.
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