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  1. Why they had DB face Jerry Lawler yesterday? Of course the correct answer is #wwelogic, but in all seriousness, can someone come up with a somewhat logical answer to why they did that?
  2. Maybe Lawler wanted to have a match and Vince couldn't resist.
    Plus, it looked cool to see him in the ring and people were thinking: 'Hey, Lawler could become no. 1 condender!'

    But I agree, plenty of other superstars who could have filled in that spot yesterday.
  3. Most likely to throw out curve balls. And if they are pushing Bryan it looks good in his resume to have beaten a hall of famer. No matter how long the guy has been retired. But still. King can still go decently in the ring if at a slower pace.
  4. No, it's not cool, it's cringe worthy retarded.

    At least he went over clean, Lawler still got good offence which is annoying. I just don't see why you don't give Tyson Kidd to Bryan, have it as an awesome 2-3 minute spotfest match and have it booked as Bryan being a legitimately awesome wrestler. They played on his wrestling ability and submissions at ER really well.
  5. A ten minute Kidd vs Bryan match on RAW or SD would be a free tv dream match. At least they are booking Kidd decently now a days. Even his squash for Cesaro was booked decently since Kidd got some good offence in and got to show of his skills. I even believe he got some pops if small.
  6. Can't have ten minutes in the beat the clock challenge. But they could have easily booked it with Bryan doing absolutely phenomenal quick moves to put him away. Or just have Tyson Kidd flying over the place and have Bryan reverse one move into the yes lock.
  7. Yeah but I was not talking about the beat the clock challenge. I was talking in general. During the BTC they would have had to do it like you said.
  8. Ah I see, then yeah, I'd love to see a Bryan vs Tyson match on a PPV.
  9. Say Bryan takes the title from Punk he could strike a deal with Ace that during Bryans reign only people underneath a certain weight could challenge for the WWE title. Making the big guys only eligible for the heavyweight title. Creating more clear divisions. Tyson and Bryan could hold a short title feud just to feed the smarks some great matches.
  10. Probably last minute booking because of the Jericho/Show beat the clock botch.
  11. Tyson deserves more.
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  12. TBH I thought King would be no 1 contender
  13. Mostly b/c that did not want Byran to vs. a real actie wrestler to make him look better so that have him vs. a 67 years old man to become the number 1 conder!
  14. Explain how having Bryan beat a retired wrestler (Who by the way is 62 not 67). Makes him look better then beating a active wrestler.
  15. I mean NOT to make him look better b/c that don't want him beating anyone good earn the title correctly!

  16. Prolly to still try to give Bryan good heel heat

  17. Lawler needs to stick to announcing, seriously. All of the cheers you think you hear during his match aren't real. He is slow, as well as most legends, and the current superstars have to work overtime to compensate for how these legends bring the match down.
  18. Jerry isn't over, did anyone even hear the response he got? He sometimes gets Jerry chants yeah, but he isn't someone the crowd care about at all.
  19. I think Lawler can be over, depending on the crowd. That crowd on Raw was filled with TONS of little kids. If the crowd is filled with older guys or at least people in their 20s who know a thing or two about him they are more likely to cheer for him. Yea, he sucks as a face announcer, but he was an all time great wrestler, an amazing announcer for a long time, and can work better than any other 62 year old I've ever seen.

    Not saying I want to watch him wrestle, but he can still work a match. His punches are better than 99% of the rosters. Honestly I'd probably mark if he busted out a piledriver on somebody for old time's sake.
  20. Well, if you take into consideration that the match was a BTC, it makes sense, they couldn't just get a low carder to job to Bryan, as inside kayfabe that would be giving him a chance at the title. Having Jerry job is a better idea, because it makes more "sense" to give him that opportunity. Yes, he's a commentator and all, but it does make more sense kayfabe wise.
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