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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Why if I miss a few x's in a text I get yelled at for hours? It's just a few x's :((
  2. I am not sure exactly what you mean tbh.
  3. He's talking about how he's a virgin loser.
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  4. He means kisses on a text. The answer is because you're a whipped fag, she tries bitching at you just smile and tell her its cute when she gets mad or some shit.

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  5. I think he means XoXo shit like that.


    Crayo you whipped fag.
  6. It works :true:
  7. I like being controlled. She starts raging at me and I'm like "lol calm down :dawg:" which just gets her more mad. All because I missed a few x's, so I'm suddenly "cheating on her". I always see the funny side, you know me.
  8. Next time just give as many X's as you can. Saves trouble...!
  9. I love tapatalk, always hides posts from people :true:
  10. Cause it's a woman!
  11. And this is why I would never want to date a girl. It seems like too much work XD I feel bad for you guys at times.
  12. Hahaha. Xanth expects at least 6x's with his o's?

    Best explanation i can give... Dont date girls under the age of 18? (in this case x's and o's texting must mean under 12) Crayo you must not be into porn because your favorite kind could get you arrested, or at the very least into Pedobear's top friend list.
  13. She's 19.
  14. The female Randy Savage? xoxo crayon.
  15. Honestly, no matter how old the chick is there will always be some issues with these kind of things. Something that you think is totally insignificant and a non issue may be making her think that you like her less. Even as a girl I cant explain why that is the case, just is.
  16. Yeah I've always come across girls who do this. I put it down on insecurity personally. I guess she is seeing lack of x's as a symbol of my care for her declining, but it's genuinely me being lazy and cba'ing to type x over and over again lmao.
  17. Yes, and this is completely rational as a reason yet once the women gets it in her mind that it means more then it is very hard to convince her otherwise. Even I fall into this issue with my boyfriend every now and then.
  18. Crayo always set the bar low at the start haha!

    One X and never more!
  19. I don't even do kisses anymore like a true bad ass.
  20. Double the hugs from your manfriend Seabs?
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