Someone fantasy book Brock vs DB for me please

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Everyone seems to be clamoring for this match, someone book it for me. Personally I don't see how this match can come across as even a tiny bit believable. The size difference is just too much, and considering both men's offensive output, I can't buy into Brock's offense not completely killing DB or DB's striking based offense hurting Lesnar at all. People think this would be a MOTY candidate, I picture myself cringing at Db screaming yes as he weakly kicks Brock in the chest and Brock is expected to sell these moves.

    How can you book this match to make Brock seem vincible? How does DB win? Him just being booked as an underdog who gets the shit beat out of him and finds a way to magically overcome won't work considering the two people in the match. It would be corny as all hell.
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    The ultimate David versus the ultimate Goliath is how you book it, literally.

    Bryan can't really be booked as this unstoppable, badass asskicker... So, it's all about overcoming the odds for him. The same thing would go for Ziggler and Ambrose if they were to face Lesnar, I suppose.

    I actually don't care about either of these three guys I mentioned being 'believable' opponents for Brock. Anyone can beat anyone, b/c this is WWE after all.

    As far as DB's offense goes, he could weaken Lesnar with Guillotine Choke, Triangle choke, Cattle Mutilation, Yes Lock, Romero Special, Multiple kicks to the chest followed by a kick to the head, Crucifix position followed by multiple elbow strikes to the side of the head... There are numerous ways, really. He'd finally be able to finish off Lesnar with Knee Plus (prolly by hitting it for the 3rd time). I think it can be done.

    In terms of match quality, DB, DZ or Ambrose vs Lesnar would be awesome.
    As far as the build-up goes, it's gonna be kinda meh, I guess, due to Bork's 'EAT. SLEEP. DISAPPEAR. REPEAT.' mantra.

    Now, for those folks who are big on 'believable' opponents for Brock, Reigns is the guy. But I still think it's a bit early to push the guy, they may feed him too much too soon that way.
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    Easy, Brock has had intestinal problems. Brock dominates the match until Bryan catches him flush in the stomach with a kick. At this point Brock is cut down

    DB wins ending Brocks WWE career becoming the one who beat the one in twenty one
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  4. There are no beliavable opponents for bork, dude. He could legit kick the entire locker room's ass.

    But I get what you're saying. Brock seems to be one of those rare cases of big, muscular guys who work better with other big, muscular guys. Usually the little ones enhance the big one's talent, but maybe not so much in his case.
  5. If it happens, watch the match, and you'll wind up believing it.
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  6. Fixed that for you:bodallas:
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  7. I sincerely doubt it. everyone's outline ITT is exactly what I'm afraid of.
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  8. Fine have Reigns spear him and have his stomach burst. That's how it will be done db or not
  9. Yeah, multiple spears.

    If D-Bry vs Lesnar ends up happening, which I'd love... One thing's certain for Lesnar. He's gonna have his fucking head kicked in.
  10. See the only time this match would happen is if Daniel Bryan didn't get injured during his championship reign last year.

    I just find it funny people want a guy to win the Rumble who has been gone for the majority of the year, yet they complained when Batista did it.
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  11. Reigns is a bit more believable but to be honest there's still a difference there between the two.. if they do decide to book it as DB vs Lesnar they are going to have a hard time selling that one.. I just hope WWE isn't stupid enough to have it to where DB makes Lesnar tap because that would just be absolutely ridiculous.
  12. I agree with it not being DB to win the Rumble but Batista's situation was a bit different he was gone for 4 years IIRC.
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  13. There's always the big IF question. Too bad it didn't happen last year. Here's to hoping it does happen this year, though.

    Batista was gone for like 4 years. The only two guys who should've won it were Bryan or Punk.
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  14. Doesn't matter how long he was gone. He's still stealing the spotlight off people who worked that entire year. Same with Bryan if they decide to make him champion. With Reigns at least they made him appear via satellite.

    Plus they had him pencilled in to win forever and didn't even have plan for Bryan even returning. It'd be a dumb move to have plans change for a guy who is already developed as a star than knocking three birds with one stone. (Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose)
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  15. If Bryan/Lesnar ends up happening, there's no way they'll let Lesnar tap out.

    They'll prolly have Lesnar go down to 3-5 Busaiku Knee Kicks/Knee Plus.
  16. I'm cringing already at this idea. so bad. I'm sure that's how it would finish as well.
  17. I would rather he win with a small package or something frankly.
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  18. Imagine Brock putting Daniel Bryan in a kimura lock tho.
    Disrespect. You want Brock, the guy who conquered the streak and John Cena to lose by a small package?
    I'd rather he not win at all cause no one is gaining anything out of him beating Lesnar.
    Reigns is gaining something. Rollins is gaining something. Ambrose is gaining something. Daniel Bryan isn't gaining anything.
  19. I get the point.

    But Bryan was injured and didn't have a proper title reign, this may be a lame excuse, but I just love DB. Also, they may feel like they owe the guy by having him compete for the title again, I have nothing against that... While it may be a slap in the face to those who've worked their asses off the entire year.
    So, if Bryan wins the title and has it stolen from him again by Rollins cashing in on him, then he won't have a proper reign once again, till like the SummerSlam season where he regains it.

    I don't hate Reigns, really. I just think it's a bit early to push the guy.

    If it helps, I'm always up for the not-so-predictable outcomes... As in having Ambrose or Ziggler win the Rumble.

    But we'll see how it goes. Plans do change after all.
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