Games Someone Found An Unknown Enemy In Super Mario 64...

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by The GOAT, Aug 11, 2014.

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  1. Goddamn nerds.
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  2. Nerds>
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  3. I love stuff like this. I remember not been able to sleep a few nights ago and watching some dude do speed runs on games I used to play was awesome and for charity I think. Dude was a boss and really funny!
  4. I just really like the music.
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  5. I also love when people do stuff like this. I can waste an afternoon just watching videos about game mysteries and stuff people found when hacking and whatnot. Thanks for the find, when I get a second I am going to watch the video explaining the unbeatable Goomba.
  6. itll take 30 seconds.
  7. Glad to see the N64 is still relevant :yay:
  8. I remember beating the hell out of the game and then fucking around with the cannon and shooting myself onto the roof of the castle only to find Yoshi!!
  9. Would've been cool if it was that tranny Birdo.
  10. For me, the only real disappointing part of the game was Yoshi's absence. Not that Super Mario 64 still isn't one of the greatest video games of all time, but it would have been nice to get to experience riding on Yoshi and using him to swallow up enemies and stuff (like in the older games) in a 3D environment. Wish they could have fitted that into the game somewhere.
  11. Yeah that irritated me too and then when I found him at the top of the castle it made me smile a bit haha, it really was a shame you couldn't use him for some things..
  12. And then he mysteriously committed suicide by leaping off the rooftop of the castle... Yoshi clearly just had too many personal issues that needed addressing to take part in the rest of the game.
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  13. I love hax. They are what make older games so much fun.
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  14. Seen it already. Stupid Goomba. Did he manage to kill it yet?
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