Someone help me catch up?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Meshuggah, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. So, I don't mind being known as the religion hater on the forum, however, I wanna start discussing WWE with you guys, rather than religion based topics, which is not why I came here at all, if thats what you guys think.

    Anyway, I wanna get caught up on Raw for 2013. So far, I know that Punk and Heyman joined forces and Punk turned heel(right?). Cena and Rock are in another match this wrestlemania? Again? Also, why? Are they in another feud, is there a special condition for the loser/winner of the match? Or just a rematch?

    Those are the only real things I know of the WWE for 2013...if there are anymore important rivarlies or anything I should know about, please share, that would be awesome, cause I am pretty lost.

    Thanks to anyone that helps me out!
  2. To answer your first three questions: yes, yes and yes. You know the two big highlights from 2013 I guess (with it being only 3 months into the year). Here's the other main issues you need to know to stay caught up:

    - WWE majorly sucks.
    - Watch TNA instead.

    There, now you're good to go!
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  3. I don't hate, I like both shows equally, I used to watch them all, equally. Been out the WWE/TNA loop for some time now, so I would be lost on both. Best of both worlds as I see it.

    Plus, their on on different days anyway, unlike WCW and WWF, I can choose to watch both, without missing either :phew:
  4. This is it, TNA>WWE

    Has great wrestlers and isn't all crap, also you should notice that it hasn't the stupid three hours chapters
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  5. Show Spoiler

    Really though, let's see what I can help with, although I don't remember what happened when as far as 2012/2013. So if I cover anything you already know, my apologies.

    - Punk is a lovable heel, yeah. He became particularly pissed after Rock came back and won the WWE championship, thus ending Punk's 434 day reign. He was pissed off about not getting the respect he deserved, then got really pissed after losing the title to a part-timer, as well.

    - Cena and Rock are indeed having another "once in a lifetime" match at WM.'s Cena. The world might end if he didn't main event WM. He didn't have a banner year last year, but after Rock got the title, Cena got into the fray to get a shot at it, and boom, here we are. Because WWE is stupid and doesn't know what else to do.

    - ADR is face now. Shocker.

    - Ziggler has the MITB briefcase but no clue when he'll cash it in.

    - AJ Lee became all kinds of slutty but is now aligned with Ziggler, along with Big E Langston. That's been an ongoing thing for a bit now.

    - The Shield is of course awesome. They've gotten attention in a big way from the first show they crashed up to now.

    - Ryder isn't getting pushed like he wants to -- of course.

    - Big Show is a heel now....or was.....or something. Who knows now?

    - Maddox lost his job as a ref. Now he helps Vickie.

    - Cesaro is as great as ever. Daniel Bryan is still a boss. Kane is still with him.

    That's all I can think of offhand. One of the dudes here can help fill you in more, I'm sure, but that's some of the basics.
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  6. :robbie: You're behind on TNA, too?? Oh man, when did you stop watching? So much greatness has happened in that promotion. I watch WWE, as well. (Well, correction, I watch Raw.) However, I'm one of a handful of TNA marks on the forum.
  7. The guy asks you to help out catch up on WWE and you say watch TNA. :pity2:
  8. Rock is champion, Undertaker cut his hair. And John Cena is still the same.
  9. Did you read my spoiler? :pity:
  10. I clicked it... Didn't want to read it because WWE is SO boring.

    Meshuggah, watch TNA.
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  11. :lol1:
  12. I only watch WWE for Raw, and PPV's. When matches come on, I usually pay no attention to guys in matches like Sheamus, or Del Rio. I'm a huge Punk and Taker fan, though. Some of the bits Rock did last year were entertaining. Brock coming back was a nice add, not sure if he is still in the company or not, though.

    Anyways, thank for the catch up. I guess I should catch up on TNA as well before I start watching and go "Who the hell are these guys? What the hell is going on? Why is he doing that to him!?" Anyway, yea, thanks again. :otunga:
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  13. Crap, I meant to include Brock in my other post. He and Heyman have been coming out a bit, too. He's got a match against HHH at WM, where if HHH loses the match then he loses his job. (He already retired, so.....yeah.....anyway. #WWElogic) Brock has attacked HHH a time or two recently, including the infmaous incident where HHH wet his pants. Maybe that helps fill in a gap I originally left out now. :otunga:

    Always good to see another Punk fan around. :obama:
  14. LOL I would have loved to see that. I used to be a fan of HHH in DX, and HHH in the attitude era, period. But, after awhile he just got annoying. Specially after he "took over". Also, really? That would be a dream to see for myself. Though, I think HHH is annoying, he puts on some pretty entertaining matches. Him and Taker at WM being my most recent favs from him.

    The match should be good, hopefully. I might even be ordering WM..or, eh...watching it illegally? Yea, watching it illegally is what I meant :yes:

    Oh yea, love Punk, love anyone that can carry a whole show solely by using a mic. Steve Austin or old school Rock for example, were some of my favs. Damien Sandow is pretty interesting to watch at times. I forgot his name, but there was an indie wrestler who got in an indie rivalry with regal. The guy was insane, not right in the head(or, his character was), I really enjoyed watching him in his indie promos, has he debuted on WWE or TNA at all yet? Or any hint at him?

    Also, have you seen Punks indie promos? I recently just got into Punks indie wrestling on youtube a little before I stopped watching wrestling, and sometimes here and there after I stopped last year. Too bad WWE is family friendly, Punk would have fit in just fine in the attitude era.
  15. I think you're talking about Dean Ambrose.

    Other people to look out for are:
    - Daniel Bryan
    - Dolph Ziggler
    - Antonio Cesaro
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  16. Yes, Dean Ambrose. Thanks.
  17. Cena won RR and Rock won the WWE championship. And Punk in dat feud with 'Taker :boss1:
  18. Yeah, Dean Ambrose had a rivalry with Regal. He's awesome. He's the main speaker with The Shield now, which consists of him, Seth Rollins (formerly Tyler Black) and Roman Reigns. They're awesome, and I'm a huge fan of Ambrose and Rollins.

    Oh yes, I love Punk's indie promos, and his ROH work, also. He had some fantastic promos. I love his attitude and how he doesn't mind saying whatever's on his mind or giving the fans crap. ("You dumb bitch, I'm not holding a microphone!")
  19. GN basically covered everything, I'll see what all else there is... hmm... *skims through WM card*

    Show Spoiler

    -Miz turned face. His character hasn't changed any, so take from that what you will

    -Barrett and Cesaro have the mid-card titles, and are jobbed out every week on Raw. Winning a mid-card belt has become a negative

    -The Divas haven't appeared much on Raw, but they're all over the tag division. Kaitlyn (current champion) were flirting with Rhodes and Sandow, but they dumped her in favor of the Bellas. Team Hell No came to Kaitlyn's aid.

    -Tensai became "Sweet T", Brodus Clay's dance partner.

    -Johnny Curtis has been repackaged as "Fandango", a ballroom dancer. He hasn't wrestled yet since nobody's pronounced his name right for seven weeks. He's debuting at Wrestlemania against Jericho... Oh, and Jericho's back too

    -Ryback hasn't won a PPV match since MITB. He's still getting pushed as a killing machine, but his aura seems gone. He's been feuding with Mark Henry over who's the more dominant monster, trying to out-squash each other. Entertaining stuff.

    -Jack Swagger returned with Dutch Mantel as his manager, they're playing delusional Tea Party conservatives who are wanting to get rid of immigrants such as Del Rio. That's your World Title feud.

    -Christian's still out for some reason

    -The show quality's been lackluster overall in many of our opinions, but hey. Check out the show and form your own, bro.
  20. Haha, I loved it when he had the invisible mic. Thanks Ari, I was wondering who won this years royal rumble.
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