Someone please tell me the logic behind this Cobra crap

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. This Cobra being attracted to Aksana is the most pathetic insult to fan intelligence I've seen in a long long time. It's absolutely ridiculous. Post your hate in here.
  2. The Cobra is a fucking bitch. At first me and the dude were chill, homies me and him were. We'd spend our days chilling at the club, looking at them breasts and ass, and at night we'd get some. Then he became "clean" and found that chick. Now he goes after her and I'm left in the dust. I hate it!!! #BrosBeforeHos
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  3. :terry:
  4. The whole cobra thing is a joke to begin with. Now he's talking to it in backstage segments? Great for the younger fans, but it's not exactly the younger fans who are paying to go to the show is it, WWE needs to knuckle down on some of this crap, and notice that everyone who watches their product isn't under the age of 12.
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  6. No logic. Crappy over the top comedy. Completely awful. I already found him using that piece of crap as a finisher an insult to people's intelligence, now he talks to it? What's next, Santino's gonna turn on the Cobra? The Cobra's gonna turn on Santino? Santino vs Cobra in an Aksana on a pole match? Is this DDT now? Give me a break.
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  7. Take this sh"t to Saturday Morning Slam.
  8. They'll announce a Santino vs Cobra match, where Aksana comes out, he tries to hold down the Cobra to keep it away from Aksana, and the Cobra strikes back and hits him, he falls with his right arm on top of him. 1-2-3. Santino jobs to a sock puppet.

    I fully expect something even more retarded than this to happen, it's okay to have Santino as a kid's attraction, but there are too many of those on the show and this bullshit has gotten to the point where he's completely unbearable.

    Can we have Santino vs Antonio at NOC be a Winner and Loser Drop Their Gimmicks match?
  9. IT IS PATHETIC!!! wtf are wwe doing!!!
  10. I'm quite sure your first idea will happen.
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