Something been bugging for alot about the History of the World Champion DVD?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Something been bugging for alot about the History of the World Heavywight Champion DVD? In the DVD the WWE made for the World Title in 2009 that said the Title made in 1909-2009 which is still around today in 2013. But My question HOW? Is in the World Title from 1909 the NWA Champion? As the NWA World Title is still around today not wrost much anymore but still a title? So I a little confesed? On how the Title that was forom 1909 the same title WWE has as there World Heavyweight Champion? I try to look this this up online but have not find anything about it? Can someone tell me?

  2. The WWE World heavyweight title was adopted from WCW when they bought WCW out, it was their primary championship belt. Before WCW was WCW it was Jim Crocket promotions which was part of the NWA. Crocket promotions being the most popular part of the NWA featured the world champion a lot. And when WCW was born they made the current NWA champ into their champ since WCW was part of the NWA in its start (making the WCW belt the same as the NWA belt). When WCW and the NWA split the belt became two. So the big gold belt has history going all the way back to the forming of the NWA and is the oldest and most prestigious belt in wrestling history (older than the WWE belt). It was held by legends like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Dory Funk Jr, Terry Funk etc. WWE just chooses to present their belt as the top belt because it is their baby.
  3. I knew that but what I confesed about is that When It spirt why did WCW get the History to it? The NWA Title still still around today and when I look at the history of the NWA Champion it go back to 1909 but not with any of the WCW or WWE Title? to it make no sesne? NWA Title is the title that been around sine 1909 not the WCW? It so fuckin consesed?
  4. WWE and WCW likes to be kept as separate entities to the NWA. Since the NWA still operates they cannot stake full claim to the history of the belt. If say the NWA was dead then WWE would most likely be saying that the WHC dates back to 1909. But since NWA is still alive they cannot since NWA owns the rights to their own history.
  5. That what I saying it that own rights to the own history why is WWE saying the title date back to 1909 when NWA is still around and the NWA Title is still around so the history of the NWA go all the back to 1909 not the World Title WWE has! This is so fuckin confesed!
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