Something big has to be planned for Wyatt family.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. I can't see them debuting and just destroying jobbers or something. So much build is happening before their debut next week, and their vignette actually closed the show last night. What will they be doing?
  2. :hmm: It's hard, I would say taking out the Shield, but the Usos have been built up pretty well against the team. I wouldn't see them jumping straight to the main event scene either, maybe it's to ambush Jericho and take him out for the summer, then feuding with a main event superstar. Still unsure though where they fit though :hmm:
  3. Shield v Wyatt Family would be a pretty good feud through to Summerslam. Stick them in a 3 v 3 TLC match or something.
  4. They'll probably save Vickie from getting fired. They'll kidnap Stephanie! :robbie:
  5. I honestly don't see Shield versus the Wyatt Family happening. They're not going heel/heel and there's no signs of The Shield making a face turn or even toeing the tweener lines of being a face/heel even just for this feud only (like Big Show at Wrestlemania.)

    There is a slightly bigger similarity than just the idea of two separate three man groups who are looking to make an impact, though. Probably just looking into something too much but in the promo posted below, he makes a fist (which is The Shield's version of a group/kliq sign, just look at 0:27) and talks about making a change, similar to The Shield's first speeches about bringing justice and CHANGE when they debuted. Replace the use of the word justice with bringing the change by uniting the masses and you have a bigger comparison:

    Probably means nothing, but it's interesting. Besides, it seems they're probably building towards Ambrose/Christian for the US Title at Summerslam (guess the Taker/Kane handicap match is probably off, though it may have only been rumor anyway) so I wouldn't expect a Shield/Wyatt Family showdown. I wonder though if WWE could pull off a heel/heel type of feud with Shield being the more sympathetic ones, similar to the Corporation/Ministry feud being heel and heel back in '99 but people clearly sympathized with Vince more.

    If the brand split still existed, they could easily work it as having The Shield rule on Raw and the Wyatt Family rule over Smackdown.
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  6. Inb4 they just come out and Wyatt squashes Yoshi Tatsu. I'm hoping they have something big planned for them, although a feud with the Shield makes no sense.
  7. I think they should close the show. Last 10 minutes of Raw give them an exaggerated, amazing entrance. Have them scare kids on the way out. Give Wyatt 5-8 minutes on the mic to basically tell the WWE Universe what they are in store for.

    I would rather they not interact with anyone in their debut.
  8. What Dolph's said sounded good. If they are to feud with someone, have them debut like the Age of the Fall in ROH (attacking the guys they were to feud with and hung one of them by his feet in the ladder match strap above the ring whilst Bray cuts a promo). Or do it Ministry of Darkness style.
  9. I just don't see much for them to do before MITB. I would have waited to debut them on the Raw after MITB, where they could have started laying the groundwork for a Summerslam feud.
  10. I am of this opinion. There just isn't a slot for them to fill right now other than squashing Zack Ryder, which hasn't benefited anyone.
  11. Can just see them running over 3MB or someone just so they can end on Bray laying over a fallen opponent, would be a pretty cool visual on his debut
  12. Maybe Wyatt will just cut a promo and for a few weeks they interact backstage with a few people, creeping them out and eventually starting a feud with someone for SS (stolen this from KL but yeah).
  13. Im shocked they ended Raw with their clip these guys are probs in for one hell of a push
  14. They'll be taking out the Big Show. Show hasn't been on TV for a while and what better way to get them over by taking out the biggest guy there.
  15. this is exactly what i was going to post. They are going to squash jobbers for a few weeks at least.
  16. I'm certainly not sold on them 'squashing jobbers' for any amount of time, and it would be a buzzkill to say the least. What better way to rape a group of momentum then to involve them with 3MB?

    they would be a LOT better off just cutting promos by themselves in the ring than involving themselves with those clowns.
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  17. i couldnt agree more, unfortunately i just dont believe in WWElogic enough to believe it.
  18. They seem ready to invest deeply in Wyatt. Couple that with the fact that they've done a lot of things well recently and I can trick myself into reserving judgement until they debut.
  19. Fair enough. I hope you're right.
  20. There must be someone backstage (HHH, Vince etc) who are high on The Wyatt's to end there biggest show of the week with them instead of Cena, Ryback, Punk.
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