Something I don't get...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. People put so much work and effort into being different and standing out...
    Yet they all follow the same trends, use the same trending words, and essentially do what everyone else is doing...
    Yet they say they are "unique" and people credit them for their individuality.

    Then you have people who actually be themselves and don't give a crap...
    They wear what they like, speak how they like, and tend to stick to hobbies and interests that they enjoy for a long time...
    And these people are called "hipsters" most of the time.

    So basically, according to a large portion of the population... Being different involves doing what everyone else is doing and not doing what everyone else is doing makes you a stuck up hipster douche bag.


    I don't get it.
  2. You called me a hipster yesterday, should've apologized in the OP.
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  3. Everyone's uniquely shit.
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  4. Technically, according to what I wrote, I am one as well so being one myself, calling you one... It should be a complement, no?
  5. I was having a debate about this with a friend of mine a while back. we met up to have a few drinks and I was wearing a blazer and a shirt with jeans and boots and he remarked that he thought i was following some sort of trend or trying to fit in rather then dress scruffy and not give a damn on how I look.

    I suppose to a certain extent I care about how a look as I think you should always put pride in how you dress especially if you are going out to meet someone up. I dress how I feel and do not follow a style so to speak apart from taking pride.

    someone who is following a trend or being a hipster is someone who has to have the latest fashion style for example skinny jeans and then will change it to flares if they are brought back into the clothing world. They do this because they want acceptance because they do not feel comfortable and want to fit in and lack confidence . IDK maybe we are all hipsters in some way.
  6. A hipster by definition, actually follows what they like and doesn't follow trends or anything. It is funny how no matter what you do, people are going to call you a follower. The easiest way to make them shut up is to have a twitter account and not follow anyone I guess. lol
  7. Well you have a Bohemian and bourgeois. Bohemian is you doing your own thing while bourgeois is being very middle class and doing what society expects of you. Hipsters is associated with youth movement and the birth of the term teenager. Late 50's young adults were listing to jazz and spend their pocket money on records and hang out at cafes and jazz clubs, then flower power in the 60's came about and they listens to psychedelic music and wore clothing of that style. That is a hipster.
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  8. Well... I will just be a cat then. :kitler:
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  9. deth wins this thread! :lol1:
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  10. Eh I think of myself more like uniquely piss myself.
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  11. we all will die so wtf cares?
  12. Does the perspective of lots of people you will never know really mean anything?
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