Something I want to see someday

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Oct 8, 2015.

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  1. I would like to see everything I'm about to talk about someday in WWE, and at this point, I think that only Paige can realistically pull this one off, at least initially. And there's two reasons for that. One, just look at how much she's done in her year and a half on the main roster. First night on the main roster, she ends the longest Divas title reign at the time of AJ Lee. Two, she has the right character for it. the black hair, the "not your typical Diva" character, ability to wrestle, which means she more than definitely can hang with the guys. Let's say she has a Divas title reign and after a while drops it, and so the next night on Raw, she comes out for a match, dominates and then cuts a promo saying that she isn't upset about losing the title, she could care less, and that she's too good for the Divas title and declares that she has a new and more important goal in WWE, that she wants to make history by becoming the first ever female WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Upon returning to the locker room she is laughed at by everyone in sight and this lasts for several months, where then Paige gets a undefeated streak type push, dominating everybody in the women's division, and then starting to have matches with men and winning those, defeating the likes of Sheamus, Stardust, Miz, Dolph, Rusev, Kevin Owens, Ryback, all three New Day members, Randy Orton, and she even has a match with John Cena and wins. The Authority is convinced right there and then to give Paige a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, with the champion being Seth Rollins. The match is set and PAIGE WINS. Everybody in the crowd and backstage is in shock and awe. Paige holds the title for a few months, even defending it against Brock Lesnar, but this match ends in a DQ as there's interference which Lesnar then starts a feud with that person. Paige drops the title to Sasha and that's the end of that storyline.
  2. "even defending it against Brock Lesnar"

    Uhhhh.... No offense but come on. lol
  3. Well obviously at some point, Lesnar is gonna want another title shot. And considering that in this storyline, Paige defeats a bunch of the guys on the roster and actually wins the title, it only makes sense.
  4. Are you being serious?
  5. As entertaining as it would sound to do this, I don't think they ever will because this would involve a WOMAN getting "hit" and "beat on" by a MAN. All kinds of groups would be all over this. I know they had Chyna and a few others fight men in the 90's and early 2000's but they were manly women who actually looked like they can kick a dudes ass... That and it was a different time. This wouldn't fly as PG ever.
  6. lol Terrible thread.

    First off, they'll never allow a woman to step back into the ring and compete with men again on a regular basis like they did with Chyna back in the Attitude Era. PG and all that. There would be too much of an uproar from certain circles and for the sake of preserving as much of a squeaky, clean image as possible, WWE wouldn't even bother going there again.

    Secondly, even if by some infinitesimal chance they did, Paige most certainly wouldn't be the one they'd choose. She isn't butch enough or masculine enough to the point where anyone could suspend enough disbelief and buy that she could beat a man, let alone beat all of the guys you mentioned. It would only take one offensive move from someone like Brock Lesnar especially to shatter her bones. The idea that she could hang with him for the length of a normal match is laughably absurd even by pro wrestling standards.

    Nice troll thread, though. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  7. The only woman of recent years that could have took on a male wrestler is Karma in my book. I know they did a run with Beth but again, she was considered manly. Nothing about Paige is manly. And they never kept this going. They never even aloud the male wrestlers to fully hit her with large targeted moves.
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    Not a fan of the idea, personally. I'm against any sort of violence towards women.

    Watching a superstar vs diva match would make me feel uneasy. Not to mention this'll never happen, PG and all.
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  9. I'm down. Mainly because she'd retire after facing Owens. If she even lasted that long.
  10. This is a dumb idea and has no perception of reality or entertainment.
  11. Either this is a troll thread or you're not very bright... Nothing you said makes sense at all.. It would just piss off almost ALL the fans and the ratings would decline even more. They can't have a woman as World Champion, sorry.. If they would even think of an idea like that, they would need a woman like Kharma or Chyna.. Not some tiny ass chick like Paige.. What a ridiculous idea.

    Plus, WWE can't do man vs. woman which scraps your entire idea.
  12. - This isn't a "troll" thread by any mean

    - I honestly like the idea of having a woman win a world championship, which is why I made a thread about it

    - Character wise, I would find her having intergender matches to be believable
  13. Look, people already said what is wrong with your thread(wwe would never do it, paige is a poor choice, etc. etc.)

    Now with that out of the way, I will say what is right in your thread: Women should be able to wrestle with men. Not on the time or way you mentioned, but the transition happening would be best.

    People talking about suspension of disbelief should really reavaluate what they are watching. It's a contact sport with no weight categories, that in itself is way more ludicrous than a man vs a woman of similar weight. The fact that the same people that are actually totes okay with daniel bryan beating brock lesnar clean are saying men and women should never ever be in the same ring together blows my mind. It's backwards and hypocritical.

    The "I can't see women getting hurt" bit is also condescending and outright insulting for obvious reasons.

    All in all, your thread is bad, but the sentiment behind it is nice, which is more than I can say for some of the other comments.
  14. I am not against male vs female things, I actually like what TNA does for World Title but Paige go for it? Not really. Beating most of the roster? Facing Lesnar? Lesnar will kill her also except Havok and Kong I don't think women wrestlers can take it against male wrestlers especially like heavyweights. And dropping it to Sasha? Then what? Name it World Women's Title, lol.
  15. I would like to see Little Guido vs. Chris Benoit for the WWE Championship, personally.
  16. Men fighting men from different weight classes and women fighting (and beating) men on a regular basis are two entirely different things. Size isn't everything in a fight, small(er) men have taken bigger men in a real fight before. Easier to suspend disbelief on that than it is believing women could take a man, which has rarely ever happened. It's all relative; Just because something has elements of fantasy that forces you to suspend disbelief on certain things doesn't automatically mean people want to see all logic and reason thrown out the window. When you watch The Walking Dead, you have to believe that there's something that can cause zombies to actually exist, but if the human characters suddenly started growing wings and flying or displaying super powers by shooting lasers at zombies or something, that would change the entire complexion of the show,

    I believe they could get away with it on a very selective basis - if a talent like Chyna or Kharma were fighting men (at least certain men... Even back in the day people were laughing when Chyna vs Steve Austin was announced as the main event of the '99 Summerslam for a couple of weeks) or if they performed a few good moves during a mixed tag team match, that would be fine (El Tortito himself has performed a Hurricanrana on the likes of Rollins and Cesaro before), but being able to go toe to toe with them in a competitive match for ten or fifteen minutes is a bit much.
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    What. Just because you're not used to women on men fights doesn't mean women on men competition is less viable than no weight classes. I'd certainly have my disbelief less damaged with ronda rousey beating daniel bryan than daniel bryan beating brock lesnar. And really, your walking dead example is extremely flawed, specially since wrestling has always been "anything goes" and constantly changing in internal logic. Zombies? Check. Fire powers? Check. Beating up over 20 security guards? Check. 175lb man as world champion? Check.

    WWE has absolutely no world consistency like the walking dead. We are never under the premise that even laws of physics apply, but the one thing you want to keep consistent is men being better at fighting than women on every situations that don't involve a woman being "manly"? Like, really. The "David" was always abused to suspend disbelief of someone actually being capable in a fight. It could very well be used by a woman. Just trade "size" for "muscle mass" and it ends up being the same fucking story.

    I am not saying you should absolutely pretend there's not a physical superiority men in general have, I'm saying that's the exact same suspension of disbelief you put when a smaller man is fighting a bigger man. It's just a underdog tale with a vagina involved. To keep true to your analogy, its more like walking dead zombies to a show that has regular zombies, getting backlash for the lack of realism.
  18. Like I said, it's all relative and despite the already large number of fantastical things that happen in wrestling, there will always still be certain things that fans won't come to accept and will dismiss as being "too unbelievable", no matter how contradicting it may seem. People cited in a survey conducted back in 2001 as to why people were tuning out of wrestling that characters on the show acting too out of character (i.e. not performing believable actions that one would think was consistent to their character), specifically in regards to Stone Cold aligning himself with his biggest nemesis Mr. McMahon, was one of the reasons some folks were tuning out. Hogan said in his book that when he was asked to job to Billy Kidman in 2000, the win didn't really do anything for Kidman because even with help from others, people simply didn't buy that Kidman was on that level with a legend the caliber of Hulk Hogan (there are numerous examples of this type of thing, where someone doesn't get as over as the company intends because people simply don't buy them past a certain level.) If Spike Dudley came in and defeated Brock Lesnar in sixty seconds after hitting him with only one offensive move, people would groan and refuse to buy it given how much of an machine Lesnar has been built up as and how much he dwarfs a guy like Spike in terms of size and overall credibility. Etc., etc.

    Also, for the record, zombified dogs absolutely would not be shunned if they appeared on The Walking Dead, since it's never been stated that only humans suffer the effects of mutating into a zombie. Now if flying monkeys suddenly appeared, I'd agree.
  19. Paige is way too small to wrestle men. The reason it worked with Chyna ad Kharma/Kong is because they were very big/very strong women. Paige is a small lass with a bad back due to untreated scoliosis. She probably shouldn't be taking bumps from men.
  20. Erm, you talk as if I'm suggesting wwe kick the gates open or something. Your reductio ad absurdum is also not very coherent as you have yet to give me a reason to believe equally unimposing(by comparison) human beings have a hardcapped credibility depending on their sex.
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