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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gman003, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. This one's a little more simple.:
    Simple ppv stage setups
    Watching back on these older ppv's I'd LOVE to see more simple entrances. Small 'titantrons' and some sort of larger WWE or something but not too large.
    Also I've been a large advocate for a bigger roster. Even another dozen people. Maybe a couple established names of some sort. Maybe a few neville- sized wrestlers to re invigorate the cruiserweight division. They used to be so entertaining!!!! And Neville could be a star in that division!!.

    Brand extension [\b]
    Give more variety every week!!

    More 'random or 'exciting'' matches on the weekly shows [\b]
    Add mode spontaneous cage matches or something like that. I know that the MSG event had a cage match but that was only one and it kinda sucked.
    If you're going to keep it as all one big program, keep it exciting! Please.

    Overall I'm not too worried about the show or the roster, but it's 2015. No matter how politically correct you try to be, wrestling just doesn't feel like it uses to. At all.
    Let the guys say their own things. Give them outlines, sure, but let them make it up as they go. It will just feel more natural.
    Comparing wrestlemania 14 and 31 is totally different. And the year in between grows more and more stale. I personally feel like the WWE needs a monumental change to come anywhere near as popular as it was 10-15 years ago. I really don't think it ever will be close to that mainstream again. It used to feel so real, so authentic. But now it's become more predictable and bland. The ppv's are the only thing worth seeing. You can see one raw per ppv and know what's going on. Idk maybe it's just the way the world works when you get older. But I'm watching kane vs HHH from wrestlemania 15 1999 and so far it's felt a world more authentic than it does now. Maybe it's all in the WRESTLERS.

    whatever the difference is, we need more authenticity in WWE. It's so repetitive and boring. Btw I started at wm18-20 then decided to go back to when I originally started watching. Kane vs Undertaker

    a change is needed of some sort.
  2. Wrestling doesn't feel like it used to because of the media. It lost that magic it used to have. It happened with everything as your age but technology just sped it up.
  3. And that's exactly it. I wish media and especially social media wasn't as big as it is. For many rreasons. But the wwe takes a huge hit. I followed wwe and wwe fans on fb. And all the predictions spoil it. I wish it was as popular as it was in like 1999-2005 . But alas will never happen.
    barring a miracle.
  4. They can't NOT be a part of social media when everything else is, they would lose money.
  5. I'mnot ssaying they shouldn't be. TThat's life now lol. But everyone's predictions just spoil it. I do like it when iccan't catch an episode you can eeasily catch up. But idk. Just something about it doesn't feel nearly as real asIit used to.

    Does anyone who would have been 25 between 98 and 05 feel the same then as I do now? Or is it just the direction the wwe wrn
  6. The direction the wwe went that makes it stale?
  7. His point flew right over your head.
  8. WWE is too cheap now to build a new stage for PPVs besides Wrestlemania and Summerslam. I feel like they just recently started using Pyro on Raw and Smackdown again.
  9. Here's a better idea; BRING BACK THE ATTITUDE ERA!
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