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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Samalan, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. :otunga::lol1::pity::win:
  2. Boss t-shirt. It's only £2.50? Wow.
  3. Indeed it is however it came to a total of £9.50 including postage. Still not bad though!
  4. Going to order one.
  5. Epic shirt :emoji_grin:
  6. Cool shirt.
  7. I'd buy one but wearing wreslting t shirts is lame.
  8. When I saw the thread title, I though it was Caniball Xanth himself coming for ya, but you surprised with good news.
  9. Does our great society frown upon wrestling t-shirts too?
  10. It's not a cool brand. If I did wore one I'd have to wear it inside out or something.
  11. Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is a "cool brand"? People respect you when there's a logo of a company that makes shirts on your shirt but don't respect you if it's a wrestling shirt? :downer:
  12. Person 1: *Walks in with a wrestling shirt*
    Person 2: Lmao he's wearing a [wrestler name] shirt.
    Person 3: HAHA :burns:

    I think the only time it's not as bad is if you're wearing an austin/DX/Rock/Taker shirt.

    A cool brand would be like a skate brand, or a rich brand like gucci or louie.
  13. Understood. Society sucks. :dawg:
  14. By this logic you are ashamed of liking wrestling. Why the fuck are you watching it then? Why the fuck are you discussing it? If you cannot hold your head up high and say that you like something or wear the merch (there are a lot of good wrestler shirts out there.) Why the fuck even take part in it?
  15. Agreed.
  16. Just a heads up to you all euroshop is closing down. I read this news on another forum. I dont know why this is happening but I wouldnt order anything as you may not get your order since their closing down
  17. Does EuroShop deliver in other countries?
  18. Disagree. I'm not ashamed to like wrestling, and if someone asks me about it I will gladly tell them that I like it and why, but I would never wear a wrestling shirt in public.
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  19. Agree with Wade wresslin shirts suck in society as wresslin isn't popular in mainstream culture.

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  20. I'm don't blame people for being embarrassed to wear wrestling merch. After how shitty the company has been recently, who would want to go out and wear a shirt that represents a company where the main attraction is one man pouring BBQ sauce on another man in his underwear. I think wearing sports merch in general makes you look like a fanboy anyway. Like those UFC fanboys that wear TAPOUT gear 24/7
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