Something Of A Russo-esque Idea Here, But...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Nov 2, 2015.

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  1. ...But for the sake of thinking wildly outside of the box, I'm gonna throw this out here, since it suddenly popped in my head the other day.

    What if they ran an angle where you had co-Money In The Bank winners for the same briefcase? Say that two guys are both reaching up for the briefcase during the match and both happen to pull it off the hook and fall to the canvas clutching it at the same time and are both officially declared the winner.

    The idea would be that while they were co-holders of the briefcase, only one of them would be able to cash it in to become champion (duh.) So on top of both guys bidding their time waiting for the right time to strike the champion when he's vulnerable, they would also have to watch their backs to make sure the co-owner of the briefcase wasn't prepared to stop them, since failing to do means that person would lose their chance to become champion as well. Imagine a funny scenario where the champion is in a weakened state and one of the briefcase holders runs out to cash in on what may have otherwise been a guarantee title win, but then the other guy runs out not far behind and stops him. They continue to brawl back and forth until the champion recovers enough to lay them both out with the title and escape with the belt still intact that night.

    There's been co-Royal Rumble winners before (Luger and Bret in '94.) There's even been co-Intercontinental Champions before (Jericho and Chyna in late '99.) Why not a fun angle involving co-Money In The Bank winners?
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  2. Seems like a pretty cool idea, imo. Not really Russo-esque idea. I mean it's just creative booking that I wouldn't be shocked to see since they've done it with just about every other title contention slot. Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber etc. etc.
  3. This just sounds like a comedy arc waiting to happen, the type of storyline suited for two comedy acts like Rusev, Sandow or Miz.
    It's one thing to have two world titles with just one bumbling idiot, but having two of them tripping over each other for one title would just make people laugh.
    The title holder would even make a joke out of it rendering the MITB match for that year a complete waste.
    It's a cool idea but its execution would be sh*tty. Considering what the Rumble has become, I'd rather they not screw with the MITB as well

    Of course there's Sheamus. The same guy who thought he'd be an ideal winner is the same guy who suggested Orton vs Batista at WM 30 would be the biggest draw of all time. (legit, no kidding here)
  4. While I agree it would be best suited as a comedy angle, I don't see that as necessarily a bad thing. The idea would be refreshing, entertaining, and a well-needed break from the usual mold of serious cash-ins (or cash-in attempts.) It's not like Money In The Bank needs to be used as a way to catapult a (new) superstar to the championship each and every year. There's plenty of other ways to push someone to title contention throughout the rest of the calendar year if you want to.

    Off topic, but am I among the only ones wise enough to realize Vince was being hyperbolic when he said that? Granted, it's second-hand material, since none of us were actually there to hear him say it in person, but it just sounds very much like one of the exaggerated things he would say when trying to sell someone on something. He's a promoter and salesman, after all. I highly and honestly doubt he genuinely believed that Randy Orton vs Batista would have been the biggest Wrestlemania main event of all time.
  5. Not Russo esque but creative, will make a nice rivalry between the 2
  6. I approve of the idea! :bodallas:
  7. It is a new idea that can easily work out great so I am all for it. Lets hope one of wwe creatives finds this page on google *fingers crossed*
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