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Discussion in 'RAW' started by MRJM, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Not sure if the spoiler is required for what I'm about to say, but it would have been far more powerful if HHH had them cut the Big Show's music and had him enter in silence. Fired stars shouldn't get entrance music.

    By the way, I'm new to this forum. I used to lurk mostly at another wrestling forum which - without warning - now redirects to a las vegas news site. After a brief search, I figured this looked to be the best wrestling forum.
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  2. Well...welcome aboard.

    As to the music thing, considering they had his music playing while he was there "breaking the law", it only makes sense that he'd still use it since he was invited back for this discussion.

    Still, I get your point. I don't understand how they put a guy over as "fired" when they keep playing his music everytime he comes out or does something big.

  3. Damn right this is the best wrestling forum! And good point about the music. I agree it would make it seem more real if he had no music.
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  4. Yeah, for a fired guy they seem to have no issue not shutting up about him... for a guy banned from the building it was convenient for him to come in through the back... for a guy banned for WWE for life it was nice of him to be backstage that day... for WWEShop to make him new merch... and for the sound guy to play his entrance music all the time as you said. No wonder Zack Ryder's trying to get himself fired, it's the easiest way to get TV time.

    Luckily it's just wrestling and we shouldn't look into stuff like this, but the writers oughta be thrilled with this being "just wrestling" since you can't get away with this elsewhere. Didn't feel like he was fired at all.

    Welcome to the site!
  5. Yeah, I also found it funny that Big Show was wearing his own new brand of merchandise last week on Raw (and I think the week before that as well) when he was still supposed to be fired.

    I don't really mind the music thing since there's a bazillion other type of scenarios like this that are just as illogical. For example, when someone runs down to make the save on a person that is receiving a beat down, and their music suddenly starts blaring to correlate with their run-in? What, did they make sure to run it by the sound guys that they should play their music right as they're about to run through the curtain? What about when Undertaker makes a surprise entrance and the lights go out? How do the guy backstage know when to dim the lights without Taker telling them beforehand? Oh wait, we're supposed to believe the Undertaker is the physical embodiment of a being who has supernatural powers, which is a whole other question in itself.

    Anyway, I'm not disagreeing with the point per se, its just that you have to suspend disbelief and remember to use Pro Wrestling Logic when it pertains to these type of scenarios. I do like your idea of actually ordering them to cut his music off while it played. Kind of like Steph telling the production guys backstage to cut Big Show off when he interrupted their promo via a live feed a few weeks back.
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  6. They at least explained the hacked satellite feed. Peeps were fired.
  7. Randy the face of the WWE.
  8. The sound guy must take loads of bribes lol. Like when he plays someones music to interfere in the match but no one comes out. He must be taking money left right and centre lol.
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