Something that's always bothered me

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Mainstream87, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. So, back in like 2006-2007ish Cryme Tyme was a pretty popular Tag Team, and had feuded with Cade and Murdoch. I believe it was New Years Revolution when Cryme Tyme won a match in a Tag Team Gauntlet, in which they earned the right to become #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles sometime in the future. For whatever reason, that time never came, like ever. It was almost as if WWE completely forgot about that match. Now I wasn't a huge mark for Cryme Tyme, but I it always pissed me off they never addressed this hah. Technically they still are the #1 Contenders dammit :emoji_slight_frown:.
  2. Crime Tyme should have won the titles in the main event of the 1000th Raw
  3. Yeah it's all #wwelogic
  4. I was never a fan of those tbh.
  5. Neither was I. They never went anywhere after that though, was so confusing.
  6. That tag team was racist!
  7. Brooklyn Brooklyn! :dawg:
  8. I liked Cryme Tyme, but this kind of thing always happens. Did Johnny Curtis get his tag title shot? And what happened with the winner of NXT Redemption?
  9. I don't why in this case it bothered me more. Just because they made it such a big deal for the tag titles at that time. Was just awful.
  10. Not as bad as when they just forgot about the anonymous GM
  11. Then randomly remembered it again lol, I'm still wondering who moved the case at KOTR 99 to cost Austin the CEO position lol.
  12. That was awful hah
  13. It's a shame Cryme Tyme was a team for almost 4 years and they never won the title. I never liked them though they just pissed me off and were more boring than one of my Grandma's stories.
  14. I remember that! It didn't make any sense and was really one of the times I started noticing WWE put no effort in their tag division if they can't get basic details like that right.

    Another one is in the 2008 Royal Rumble, Hornswoggle was about to be thrown out by Mark Henry and Big Daddy V, before Finlay came to rescue him. Finlay dragged him out of the ring and into the back, which means 'Swoggle was never eliminated.

    So, that Royal Rumble didn't officially finish, but I'm pretty sure Hornswoggle was thrown over the top since then.
  15. maven was never eliminated from the 2001 rumble either
  16. you serious?
  17. I was always a fan of Cryme Tyme, they could actually put on decent wrestling matches. If they were to return, they'd be in the top two of the tag team diviision, guaranteed.
  18. JTG is best wrestler ever!
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