Something which was brought up last night that I agree with

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  1. I think it was Waco who brought up last night that the promo by Foley is the type of promo that another face needs to make. Out of the current faces we have, who can come out and do that? Cena I know, but anyone else?

    If not, then I think Riley or Miz needs to slot into that role.
  2. I completely agree with that (not the Riley/Miz part). It's been a massive problem for WWE for a while now.

    A decent face mic worker that isn't Cena is desperately needed though and that is obvious. Punk is basically redoing the same shit every week which is either battling with Cena and/or telling everybody he's the best in the world. It's great and all, but it still gets a little tedious after a while.

    I cannae be arsed rewatching but I'm sure it's this one anyway. It's so easy for R-Truth and Miz who can just bounce off of Rock in this video.

    But anyway back to the initial point as I've gone off on a tangent, Miz is confident on the stick but is nowhere near talented enough to make me believe what he was saying like I did with Mick. Seriously, when Foley started screaming at Punk I could feel myself getting goosebumps, the crowd just dropped silent for a second. Incredible stuff. I don't think we should expect mic workers of Foley's calibre(sp) all the time, seriously, he's so damn good and he's up there with the likes of Vince, Heyman, Piper Austin etc.

    You know one guy I still see having the ability to play an awesome face role on the mic? Dolph Ziggler. Seriously, give him a few years to establish himself as a heel then turn him into a Rock esque babyface. Seriously, once he eventually turns face he will shine, he has so many mannerisms that remind me of Rocky, I genuinely think he has the ability.
  3. Indeed, Foley is a great mic worker, when he starts screaming you can feel the passion.
  4. dz and db could fit into that role although i like them as they
  5. I'm guessing the other person is supposed to be either Sheamus or Orton but no one really understands Sheamus and Orton is just boring to listen to.

    We need Flair.
  6. The answer is too obvious b/c nobody even WANTS to be a babyface and I'd bet you can't name one person, either

    Maybe I don't know these jabroni's personally, but no 'brah' wants to be a face in THAT company

    I can probably bet good money at least 99% if the talent want to play heel
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