Something You Wish Never Happened In The WWE/F

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  1. Aside from the obvious deaths, What are some things you wish never happened in the WWE/F...

    like feuds, fights, wrestlers being signed, mergers, ect.
  2. 2004 onwards.
  3. The PG'ness I take it? It was a good move financially to pull more children but still, as you are a guy, I understand you need your TV-14. lol
  4. The Great Khali's title reign.
  5. John Cena
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  6. :ohgod: that was awful wasn't it. Why would he ever hold a title?... I can see him holding the tag belt but a singular belt.... :eww:
  7. HEY! I like Cena and his fruitiness. He gets ratings! So :finger:...

    I just kidding, ily :otunga:
  8. I don't know why he held that belt. :ohgod: Hell he didn't even draw, he could not wrestle worth a dime. I could also see him holding the tag belt but to hold the World Heavyweight Championship was a joke in my eyes. He was far from ready. During his time before getting the next weekend, I preferred Kane or Batista to regain the belt. :pity:
  9. At least Kane and Batista has some charisma.... That giant had NONE! lol
  10. That is why his dead ass was not ready for the title nor a big push cause his giant ass has no charisma. Even when tried to talk on the mic I just wanted to go to sleep on him.
  11. Glad that you mentioned that. That storyline made no sense since we all knew Kane's past.
  12. I feel like the only reason he ever made is to the wwe is because of his size. He's huge. But I mean come on, he can't wrestle and he has no mic skills so why keep paying him? The only good thing about him was/is his entrance song and that light weight sucks.
  13. Rikishi running over Austin to "help" the Rock. What a load of crap that was too.
  14. That is the only reason they pushed him is because he was the big giant, but to me he is nothing more then a joke character even in his heel days. He can't wrestle worth a shit. Can't talk on a mic, can't keep a groove in the ring. Can't even have a manager to stick around with him. He is joke. Even Rosa has more ring work or mic skills then him. And she barley wrestles. If it were me in charge I would of fired him. His music is good, but that's that.
  15. The usage of Hornswoggle as anything other then Finlay's resident troll manager.

    The releasing of Goldust by WWE. The time that it brought about Black Reign.

    I want Ultimo Dragon's WWE time to be stricken from the record, because WWE pushed him so PITIFULLY.

    Mr. McMahon with the ECW Title... Heck, Bobby Lashley with the ECW Title.

    Great Khali even being hired.

    Scott Steiner losing to Triple H.

    A lot of people, losing to Triple H.

    The burying of whole brands/stables by one or two guys in the WWE.
  16. Lets see....
    Great Khali getting a title
    Vickie Guerrero
    The fact they decided to turn The Miz face now when it should have been done along time ago
    Mae young/mark henry storyline
    Katie Vick storyline
    cruiserweight title being retired
    some of the ring names

    those are the only ones I can come up with off the top of my head, I'll name of more later when I think of them.
  17. The unmasking of Kane destroyed my love for WWE all those years ago.
  18. :yay:
  19. Hornswoggle. :haha: He's just awful. Is that their way of appealing to short people? I mean he didn't talk for the longest time not, because of magic... HE TALKS!?....
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