Music Songs covered in 20 different styles.

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  1. A YouTube uploader using the name "Ten Second Songs" started uploading these videos about 5 months ago.. there's only 4 but he's stated that he definitely plans on keeping it going, they kind of take some time to make when having to learn how to master different styles of music and adapt the lyrics into making it sound like it fits within the general flow of the song.. I discovered these a few months ago and forgot to share them but now since there's 4 instead of only two I figured I'd go ahead and share them as well as keep on updating it with each video he releases.

    Katy Perry - Dark Horse

    Jason DeRulo - Talk Dirty

    Ariana Grande - Problem

    Linkin Park - In The End

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  2. Rad stuff, only listened to LP's 'In The End', though. Liked it a lot.
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