Songs Likely On Crayo's Playlist

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  1. Add songs that are likely on Crayo's playlist.

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  2. Those pokies in that video :phew:
  3. pokies? :dafuq:

  4. :lol1:

    inb4 pervin
  5. Nipple pokies ffs. Bouncy bouncy nipple pokies.
  6. You one strange arse mo fo.
  7. Cause I like female breasts, yes, how strange :pity2:
  8. No... just your choice of words. :pity:
  9. #HermitBrita
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  10. That's likely his favorite shower song. :lol1:

  11. I can picture Crayo being a Beiber fan and Crying about his arrest. Why can I picture this?
  12. Need the scrubs one for Xanth and I.

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  13. I think I remember Crayo saying about how he often cries during sad movies after all :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  14. Heard Crayo is a huge Nickleback fan

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  15. .....
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  16. Whoever doesn't have this on their iPod should be ashamed:
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