Sonnen/Silva Press Conference

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    I haven't watched it yet, but I've heard from others that Sonnen was on his game

    :sonnen: :silva:

    Enjoy Sonnen nut hugers :yay:
  2. Silva has that nice little smiley here, right? :silva:
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I legit loled my ass off on that gif. :laugh:

    Silva dat boss.
  5. The Silva/Maia fight was a laugh riot. He was dicking around the entire fight, just clowning him.
  6. Lmao Chael is so epic. Loling during this.
  7. Sonnen is killing it.

    "I don't have anything against Brazilian people, I got something against a Brazilian that is sitting a few feet from me. And maybe a couple of other gentleman, but your women are all okay with me. So feel free to give me a call or pay me a visit."
  8. Lmao him snoring through Silva's speech :terry::terry::terry::terry:
  9. I was just about to post this. We must be pretty close to at the same part

    I nearly died.


    lmao, Dana is squirming. He looks scared shitless about what Chael will say next
  10. I love how he answered the question related to him losing to Brazillians and respecting them after he loses to silva with "Yes, my book is out, it's on and it was written by me"

  11. Sonnen did look like shit against Bisbing. Bisbing easily could have gotten that decision
  12. Dana saying "shit" surprised me. Man I love how laid back this sport seems to be.
  13. What's the weight class, what's the date, and who's ass am I going to kick tonight?


    That's just Dana. He talks like a 13 year old who just discovered curse words. It's sad to me
  14. I like him tbh.

    I'm wanting Chael to win this, the stand off was hilarious too lol.
  15. I rofl'd when Chael reached for the belt when that guy handed it to Silva.
  16. I knew you were a big fan deep down. Shh, no replying about his lack of skill!
  17. He doesn't lack skill, he is a great wrestler, he is just one dimensional and boring.
  18. You ignored my shh.
  19. You said not to comment on his lack of skill :silva:

    He is the best wrestler at 185. He is funny. Most of his fights are boring to watch. case closed end of story
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