TV Sons of Anarchy discussion thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Shadow, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. The show's final season is hitting TVs this fall, so for those who have seen it/are currently seeing it feel free to discuss it here.

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    I've just started season 3, and the fact that Prospect got killed at the end of season 2 sucks. He was supposed to get patched in soon.:downer:
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    Damn, Hale got taken out of commission before he even got it, lol. If only it was Tara.
  3. You haven't seen anything yet man. Some of the deaths to come will blow your mind.
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  4. I just wish September would hurry up. I'm pretty excited about the final season- it'll be interesting to see who- if anyone survives.
  5. Yeah, I've been all caught up on SOA for months waiting for the next season lol. And @Senhor Perfect is right, just wait........
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  6. Here's a good topic for discussion that doesn't spoil anything I think - Do you guys think Jax will get out of the gang business by the end of the series (and survive of course)? I mean, thats pretty much been his goal since early on in the show.
  7. I think Jax has every intention to get out for the sake of his kids, but I'm not convinced he actually will.
    I think he'd always use the excuse of 'well I'll stick around until shit is settled' but the problem there is that shit is never settled, or the second it is something else happens.
  8. Not like his mom is helping out any haha
  9. Anyone know a reliable place to stream or burn off all of the seasons at perfect quality? I've been meaning to check out the show for a while and now seems like the perfect time to do so since it's headed into its final season.
  10. Lots of early seasons on Netflix and other things like it
  11. Having waited so long to watch it I've had so much of it spoiled for me, but I don't know how/when they die so I guess that's good.
    I think he'll be able to, but it's definitely going to come at a cost.
    Netflix has seasons 1-5, and you can watch season 6 on WatchSeries.It.
  12. There's one death that shocked the hell out of me the way they did it (and its not an actual member of the MC btw)
  13. Let me guess, it wasn't Tara was it?
  14. No not that big of a character
  15. What always makes me laugh is how people commend and almost celebrate Gemma on how she'd do literally anything to protect her family, yet those same people would bitch and hate on Tara for having exactly the same intentions.
  16. Who? Spoiler it.
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    Tig's daughter I believe
  18. Right, that one was brutal.
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  19. Wow, season 3.
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    It felt pretty dull up until the last two episodes which were fantastic. Stahl & Jimmy finally got what was coming to them, and I can't believe that the club was in on it the whole time. Something so simple like that never even crossed my mind. I'm finally starting to warm up to Jax.
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  20. The second half of True Detective E4 > > > entire Sons of Anarchy.

    But seriously, I've seen three seasons of SOA and just had to give up. There was a point at the start of S3 when it struck me: "Hey, this is a stupid show about stupid people doing stupid things!"... Clay Moron is probably the biggest idiot on TV. For example, Jax is like "hey Clay, don't go there, it's a trap", and Clay goes "fuck you, Junior", and walks right into the trap. I mean, OH MY GOD!

    Not to mention there are dozens of shootdowns where no one gets hit, not to mention they're supposed to be badass bikers but they talk like lawyers or bankers, and they're not allowed to say "fuck", hence why the riGODDAMNdiculous overuse of "shit".

    Not to mention the dirt worst musical montages. Oh my fucking fuck, some of the worst music I've ever heard comes from SOA.

    And all of this I just said, comes from only three seasons of watching.
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