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  1. Somehow, some way, I couldn't find a single thread dedicated to Sons of Anarchy... And I know I can't be the ONLY fan of this show.
    So... with season 5 coming in...
    wait for it...
    7 DAYS!
    who's stoked???

    Classic SOA lines:
    Jax: Call it whatever you want. Your life is a series of hit-and-runs. The minute someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tests your loyalty, little Tara packs her bags and hits the road. Well, I guess you got what you wanted from me, right? Used me to do your dirty work.
    Tara: That's not fair.
    Jax: Not fair? You wanna know how many women I've slept with over the last 10 years?
    Tara: Don't do this…
    Jax: Hundreds! Maybe more, I don't know. I barely see their faces. I married Wendy because I was lonely. Because I got tired of the endless disconnect. It was just a sad time-out. Because when I'm inside someone, there's only one face I see. When you came home, it was like some kind of time. Like my past coming around to give me another shot to do this different; better. And now that chance is running back to Chicago.

    :yes: :yes: :yes:
  2. I love Sons of Anarchy! I watched it in the first place because the lead looks like Heath Slater + it's after Smackdown. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  3. Pumped for it here also, season 3 finale might be one of the best in TV history.
  4. I'd have to agree with you...
    But the season 4 finale was pretty epic too.
    I can't wait to see what Opie's decision is and how the MC changes.
  5. I've never watched a episode. Someone care to explain what this TV show is?
  6. Amazing. That's all you get. Like biker gang meets what the sopranos should have been. Youtube it if you need more bud.
  7. Yeah think I'll D/L just the first episode, and see If I like it..
  8. give it three, by then you will know. First one is a premier, so it's all setup. By the 2nd and 3rd you see who they are instead of what is happening to them.
  9. Okay thanks.
  10. I still have to watch season 4, but I enjoyed seasons one and two a ton.

    Season three bothered the shit out of me, and otherwise was a tangled web that they entangled the last episode with a b.s. explanation...just poor writing, and that's why I never watched season 4. I'll catch up on it though because it still is a great how despite Rita flaws
  11. There is and will be more explanation. The way Sutter writes, he only reveals bits at a time. For instance, he hinted at a new character at the end of this season who will start as a nobody, bring about a huge plot twist in season 6, and lead to BIG chances for the MC in season 7. Keep watching and all will eventually be answered.
    For instance, Opie doesn't find out the WHOLE truth behind his wife's death until 2 or 3 seasons later.
    And we still don't exactly know the entire story behind Jax's father, Gemma, and Clay either.
  12. Spoilers:

    The only thing that bothered me is that if everyone knew jax was a double agent, why did they act dumb about it in the privacy of their clubhouse? It was a twist, but it ruined the illusion that we're following them as they would be in real life
  13. Hmmm. THAT is a good point. I never thought of it that way.
  14. The sad part is for tv drama for the retards, i dont mind knowing ahead personally, but that is how he writes. Who knows, i just live and let die.
  15. I haven't started this show quite yet, although I can't wait to start it, I hear it's been freaking amazing through what 6 seasons? That's pretty solid, after I finish Psych it's definitely my next watch, well it will split time between Game of Thrones too :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I did want to share a piece of news though for those of you who are caught up.. it looks like they have cast Marilyn Manson for a reoccurring role next season.
  16. it's horribly underrated here.
  17. Love it, one of my favourite shows ever. The chuckie character is pure gold. You'll know it when you see him.
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  18. From the trailers I have seen, Charlie Hunnam's Jax looked pretty sick as far as characters go. I'm actually a pretty big Hunnam, Katey Segal and Ron Perlman fan so I just really can't comprehend why I never started it... Maybe because before I lived with roommates and they had shitty taste so now that I'm on my own it will work out better.
  19. I watched 3 seasons of it, and can't anymore. First two seasons were very good actually, but third ruined it completely for me, a terrible season with a great ending though.

    Doubt I'll watch from S04 and on. Just a dumb show with dumb people doing dumb things (Clay Morron especially!).
  20. My mother keeps trying to get me to watch it... I have no idea why. lol
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