Sooooo. Another Ziggler thread goddammit

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  1. 2 things.

    1.) Anyone notice how pissed he was when his entrance theme was cut short? He looked disgusted lol. He looked back towards the ramp like "you have got to be fucking kidding me"

    2.) Things are worse than ever. He lost to ADR on two moves. An arm breaker and one kick. He is being buried booking-wise, he is still over though because he is such a beast. I'm convinced WWE will never push him, just feed him to heels they want to push.

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  2. His overness just seems like a double edged sword at this point.
    If we cheer: "Holy crap, the fans love him no matter what we do! Free job fodder, hooray!"
    If we don't: "Oh, nobody cares about Ziggler anyway. Jobber, woo"

    who am I kidding thinking WWE even knows or cares if people still love the guy
  3. They would have to be def to not hear the reactions he gets in the two minutes of air time that he gets.

    I just don't see the point of jobbing him out like that. We could have gotten a 10-12 minute solid tv match out of the two that helped both guys, instead we got a 2 minute shitjobfest that made DZ look like absolute shit and didn't do anything to help ADR out either.
  4. How much time is left on his contract?
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  5. Breaks my heart watching those far less talented than him go over him.
  6. He's gonna go the Foley route huh? lol... I hope he can somehow dig out of the hole he'll be in by the time the last year of his contract is up.
  7. I don't think ADR is far less talented, but that match was just retarded. ARM BREAKER! KICK! 1 2 3! ADR >>>>>> Ziggler!

    but Batista >>>>>> ADR!

    like I said, if DZ is that much weaker than ADR, and ADR that much weaker than Batista, would DZ shit his pants and die if he were to just see Batista's synchronized pyro/hand gesture entrance???

    at the very very very least DZ could AT LEAST be in the spot Christian is in now ffs
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  8. It's more I rate highly a LOT more than ADR than I rate ADR a lot less than Dolph. Dolph is so damn talented and seeing him in this role is disgusting. I don't need to tell you that of course.
  9. But yeah I agree with you. If they're not going to push him for title matches and stuff, at least put him in these gimmick PPV matches and big events to actually make the match better. Give him SOME spotlight.
  10. Its rough to see. I find it hard to believe that WWE is seriously THAT pissed about him saying he would whoop Orton's ass if it came to it in a back alley. I mean fucking really? Unless the butt hurt is coming directly from Orton, who we've seen has the power to hault pushes himself.

    Just one more reason to hate that useless sniveling **** amirite
  11. To be honest, you can't even blame Orton for this. WWE have never shown faith in Ziggler.
  12. I can blame whoever I want pal! They were never going to make him a main eventer but he has a lot of accolades bro. Sure, 10 mid card reigns doesn't mean much, Kofi Kingston has that, but its something. The concussion didn't help, but he was still being treated somewhat decently before this "interview" shit came out.
  13. It all comes down to 3 letters..... H....... H..... and yup you guessed it H..

    Mess with or say anything about any of his lapdogs and you might as well lay down in the ring every night.. same result either way.
  14. or maybeeeeeeeeeeeee

    this losing streak is all an elaborate work! hahaha, damn you WWE, you really ha me going there for a second. chop busted, WWE, chop busted.
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  15. Not to point out the obvious "Ziggler's above this" notions, but are they still going to do this Miz vs Ziggler tag team? Can't see that working given how he was booked tonight. They have to be face since they're the disgruntled employees of the heel Authority... but wouldn't you want to build them up to that? Fresh off this embarassing loss Ziggler should be counting his lucky stars he's still employed in kayfabe. so him bitching about that will come across so heelish. Stupid. Fucking stupid.
  16. Yea Ziggler bitching in kayfabe makes no sense. He gets booked, he just loses all the time.
  17. Sounds like someone I know..
  18. Life's tough when you root for jobbers. Someone's gotta do it though.
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  19. haha would be interesting if they just decided to go balls to the wall and make it DZ, Sandow and Miz as a disgruntled stable (although Miz got a win over Fandango on Main Event this past week).

    Methinks they are only using Zigs and Miz so they can call the team Awesome Show-Offs :emoji_slight_smile:
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