Sooooooo now what's the purpose of the Bella twins?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DarksideTrin, Mar 26, 2012.

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  1. Is it just me or are they kinda getting lost in the shuffle now. They used to be the only heel divas and now they seem to just job and argue and swoon over ADR. Now they had them do that lame ass segment after another job to AJ. I like teddy, I like big John.... Gag me with a spoon already.

    Just put them in a jello match already or ship em to NXT.
  2. They're just used as jobbers. I find them quite entertaining to be honest. And of course they're ridiculously hot.
  3. They are being misused at the moment, maybe a Diva's Tag Team Championship is good, because when they both earn a title shot one has to take it, and with that, you will get trouble. And indeed they are hot as hell, damn!

    Diva's Tag Team Championship :tagteammatch:
  4. They keep moral up backstage #OralAgreement.
  5. Winning :boss:
  6. What purpose does the diva's division serve?
  7. Seriously it wouldn't surprise me if it's to keep the women's rights group off their backs, you know the kind who don't actually watch but if they heard they featured no women would go bat shit crazy.
  8. Sounds reasonable to me
  9. One becomes face and the other becomes heel and they just feud with each other.
  10. I actually do think you're right seabs. Because I don't see how a divas match can still happen on these current RAW's but tag-team matches, US Champions and RAW superstars in general get no matches or 1 minute squashes.
  11. I don't understand why if they bother doing anything with the divas division at all why they don't just do it right? But I guess you could say that about any number of things the WWE half asses

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