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  1. I've been too fangirly to anyone's liking. Sorry! I cannot promise that I won't be fangirly again, but I'll try to suppress it. :((
  2. Who are you again?
  3. Hannah. ; _ ;
  4. No need to be sorry.
  5. who? :haha:
  6. LOL you guys are funny!
  7. Do you know who i am? (where is the bully ray smiley that isnt creepy)
  8. Fucking posers.
  9. /me is going to say its okay then tune up the band and hit you with the sweet chin music
  10. Id make a horrible comment but im already in trouble with the staff. Shit > Panda.
  11. No baby, it's okay feel free to say it, I'll have craysex get you out of trouble. :obama:
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  12. :lol1: some people's kids. Who are you again?
  13. I'm whether you like it or not, more popular with the admins than you are. :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Before or after my ban? I still have no idea who you are. I see you joined in Jan, have 160 posts, and the new guys already know they are better than you.
  15. Well I'm obviously oh so very active here and obviously have an interest in wrestling. Derp, I'm Crayo's friend I only joined so I could help him with getting this forum off the ground. I come around from time to time to check on things.
  16. Your opinion is so respected here, just look at your rep/post likes. Thank you so, so much for sticking around. I cant wait to laugh at Crayo for "being your friend"
  17. I can now conclude that my thread are draws. Everyone keeps on fighting on my threads (the ones I made, the ones other people make that are about me).
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