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    im so sorry
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  2. They had him in chains, setting JR on fire, chokeslaming Eric off the ramp, obliterating RVD and burying The Undertaker, alive. Not sure what you mean by 'crazier' after he took off his mask.
  3. can i please suck your dick
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  4. Exhibit A, B, C and D
  5. Makes absolutely no sense. He was hurting people because he wanted others to feel the pain he's feeling. That's as psychological as you can get without going Manson on someone.
  6. sorry
  7. Swing Car, you are something else. :lol1:
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  8. thanks dad
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  9. Woah, woah - I hit your momma far before him. So I'm your papi. :fact:
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  10. You're welcome, son.
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  11. can i suck your dick dad
  12. Sure thing
  13. call me vicki
  14. 10/10 thread
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