Kayfabe "Sorry"

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  1. *Out walks Chris Young to a mix reaction from the crowd he enters the ring and looks around and kicks ups the dust in the ring.
    Chris Is handed a microphone and taps it to microphone sure it works and it does not, Chris shares a laugh from the crowd at the ringside hand who hands Chris a new microphone, He taps it and smiles as the mic makes noise and he begins to speak.*

    Chris: Did you miss me?
    Yeah yeah welcome back and all that, Now you know I'm back, But do you know why I'm here?
    The Ironman Title, That's why and I may not win, I may lose, But I will fight till my final breath!
    I'm a changed man and I see this as my job and my love is dying and I want to relight the spark that O had "Back then".
    Hey, Vega, I know you’re back there you coward you listen to me!
    I have worked years to get to the top of any company I been in and to have to out wrestle any and everyone in my way, I spent hours being the first one in and the last one out.
    I Don’t run from my past I’m not a good person, I’m an amazing person, You think one match makes someone the best?, It takes being amazing day in and day out!
    I do what I want when I want, I am awesome and amazing I’m just that damn good, We are that damn good! No one is better than me in this ring and I swear to god that I will win or lose I will make the match amazing and as an"Ace" of the ring, I will make anyone seem better by just locking up with me.
    Vega,I Hope we go to war.

    *Chris Stops and looks at the microphone as he starts to have a look of defeat.*

    Chris: What am I'm kidding, I won't win, I never win and why even try?
    I try for years and years and I have nothing to show for it now.
    The long nights in the ER are they worth it?
    The Blood I lose in this ring, Is it worth it?
    The scar on my wrist from wire ropes, Was it worth it?
    No matter what I do I never get a payoff and I get told to stay home .
    As my song says, Can you hear me now?
    I'm going to rise and fight back as much as I can.
    No one wants me here, I was never "The Guy"
    Vega, Even If you beat me, I'm used to losing and I want to change that, Will I, I may not as I'm aways pushed down.'[
    Well, once again time to do my job.

    *Chris drops and kicks the microphone out of the ring and slowly and walks out with his hood pulled up and he turns back to the ring and mouths "Sorry" as he exits the frame.*
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