Games SOULSBORNE Discussion Thread.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Botchie, Apr 28, 2016.

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    A Thread to discuss any of these games. Currently making my way through Bloodborne dont know if i'll ever get around to any three of the DarkSouls games though.
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    I did not get Dark Souls 3 immediately at launch like I wanted to thanks to a fuck up on Amazon's part (I pre-ordered the game four months in advance yet my local order fulfillment center didn't get enough copies) so I wasn't playing day one but I've been playing recently and I'm absolutely loving the game so far. I just defeated the Abyss Watchers prior to making this post and am not sure if I want to progress into the Catacombs or go back and explore the area past the Crystal Sage.

    I'm using a quality melee build currently (equal Str/Dex) until I find a weapon that I'd really like to use. I'm torn on using the Abyss Watcher soul right now, the Farron Greatsword seems neat but the Wolf Knight Greatsword is totally Artorias' sword. I'm leaning towards the Farron Greatsword because the weapon skill seems cool, and I don't have the Int/Faith to use the Wolf Knight.

    This is a great game so far, I'm enjoying it so much more than I did Dark Souls 2. The lore is very interesting so far, and I'm wondering how a lot of things are tying in to Dark Souls. The lore of 2 hasn't seemed to be covered too much and I'm honestly okay with that. The DLC was the best part of Dark Souls 2 anyway.

    Edit - Oh wait, I'm an idiot. I thought the Wolf Knight's Greatsword would require Int/Faith to wield, but it requires none at all. I was making assumptions from Dark Souls and from when they brought it back in Dark Souls 2, and simply didn't look down and see that it only requires Str/Dex lol. Ultimately went with the Farron Greatsword though.

  3. I've been hearing Souls 3 is the best souls game. I really want to try it out.
  4. Best? I'm not entirely sure. I have a massive soft spot for Demon's Souls but Dark Souls 3 is really good, definitely as good as Dark Souls which most people consider to be the best.
  5. Been playing DS3 nonstop every time I've been at my friend's recently. It's good, but his build is extremely basic. Assassin with a standard broadsword (maxed out though). Already on NG+ just by trading off with each other.

    I'm debating on just buying it when I go back home, but I've seen everything. Just would like to go through with my own build, probably a theif. Dunno, it's great though for sure.
  6. Has the price dropped yet? I think that'll be worth doing when the price drops.
  7. Got an offer to get the day one edition for 50$, not bad. Was thinking I could get DS2/Dragon Age: Inquisition for the same price though.
  8. I'd probably buy the game after already playing through it at someone else's house for sure.

    I'm still running with almost equal strength and dex, and still using the Farron Greatsword. If you've never seen it in action, check this video for the moveset and you'll see why I love it.

  9. Know it'll be extremely tedious going through w/o having PS+. Just gonna have to make sure I keep up with the questlines to get the help I need.
  10. That would kinda suck.

    I refuse to summon people/NPCs for my first playthrough, but it would suck not having any PvP. Farron Keep was awesome, I stayed there for a little bit just getting invaded by the Watchdogs.
  11. DUDE....


    I just fought High Lord Wolnir. Easy fight once I figured it out, but that boss reveal though. That was awesome.
  12. One of the easiest bosses, just varies his patterns a lot.

    Also, bought it. I'm home now, and just finished building my character. Made a thief & gonna focus on Intelligence/Attunement since my Dex is fine atm. Be good with 2 handed weapons, and have sorcery as a plan B.
  13. Yeah he's pretty easy, using a greatsword so it was very easy to hit him. It was still an awesome moment when he appeared though, so I like him just for that.

    And you can make a rapier from the soul of the Crystal Sage that would be excellent for a Dex/Int character.
  14. Decided to re-start as a Herald, still focusing on the same stats though.
  15. In Bloodborne news, Just got to the nightmare frontier...fuck that place. Frenzy everywhere, every enemy is like a mini boss, and spiders GIANT FUCKING SPIDERS. I might record my time there.
  16. Nightmare Frontier sucks at first but honestly isn't all that bad once you figure it out.

    I'll probably go back and play Bloodborne again at some point. I never bought the DLC and from what I've heard it contains some of the best bosses the series has ever seen.
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