Sound FX with the Great one. (tootball)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nobody, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. This shit is dope. Post your favorite Sound FX or other bytes here.
  2. Thought it was going to be the rock from Da U. Lil pissed. Still though, those sound FX sound bits are always badass.

  3. This chick is a wrestler now and dating Matt Hardy.
  4. Talk about setting the bar low....
  5. Him, her, or both?
  6. From Lita to that..ouch :eww:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Still nothing, too thin and no bum IMO.
  9. bum :lol1: canadians.
  10. What do you know aboot bum Aids? Nothing guy! I ain't your friend buddey.

  11. That picture is SO wrong. How could they make such an inappropriate photo. We fucking wear socks Aids, ffs! If you're going to post something, make sure it's accurate.
  12. ..not on that hardwood floor you dont.
  13. How else could we re-create the scene from 'Risky Business'?
  14. Risky Business isnt canadian, fag. :woo1:
  15. We have movies and TVs in our igloos you know. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ity:
  16. thats what the sweaters are for. That, and horrible baseball, NFL rejects, and a bribe-if-you-have-a-DUI system for visitors :lol1:
  17. Horrible baseball is OVER! Bribing is a great thing lol.
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