South Park or Family Guy Debate

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  1. Which is a better cartoon South Park or Family Guy?
  2. South Park because they made Slash Santa Claus.
    "Wait so Slash is our parents?" :shock: "Then who played at my birthday party?!"
    "Our parents!"
    "Then who was the guitarist for Guns N' Roses?!"
  3. Family Guy 'cause of Stewie and Bryan!
  4. South Park. I like Family Guy also but South Park is better imo.
  6. South Park because it can be funny and isn't complete crap.
    Family Guy sucks.
  7. I enjoyed early SP but that could be because I was younger... lol
    FG > SP for sure.

    I think you need to be high, drunk or a teen to enjoy South Park anymore. lol
  8. Family Guy has gotten stale in my opinion, they seemed to ruin the characters and made terrible choices, such as Quagmire hating Brian for random reasons. And then there are those fucking scenes, those goddamn scenes that are 5 minutes long and pointless. Like Peter holding his knee and going" Ahhh..." or them talking to random people about random stuff, like when Peter and his father in law were talking to a train guy when they were trying to rob it. I hate how they just drag on scenes like that, it pisses me off and wants me to change the channel when they do that.
  9. South Park by far, but I do enjoy Family Guy a lot too.

    South Park actually risked completely everything to try and show Muhammad on the show multiple times. For some of you who don't know, Muhammad founded the Islam religion, accepted by Muslims throughout the world as the last of the prophets of God. In the Islamic religion, it is extremely shameful and absolutely forbidden to make and/or show images of Muhammad at all costs. I'm not entirely sure the reason behind it, but that's just the way it is.

    South Park had made an episode making fun of every religion's idol, Jesus, Buddha, etc. so, it included Muhammad. Right after, Comedy Central had to either take off that episode completely or censor Muhammad in the episode (which wasn't hard since all Muhammad did was stand in the background). Reason being because the Islamic extremists made death threats against them.

    Thus, South Park attempted to show Muhammad again and again in later episodes attempting to make the statement that they do not fear the Islamic extremists and that they should not give into their demands because of fear. Of course, this point was thwarted by Comedy Central because people in power have become terrified of losing their wealth and will not put their fat asses on the line for anything.
  10. Some times I prefer FG and sometimes I prefer SP. I guess on consistency SP makes me laugh more often.
  11. I got so wound up in my previous post that I forgot to add in that the whole incident makes me like South Park a lot more is because I love the fact that they stood for something and risked everything to try and make a very important point. That's pretty inspiring.

    Also because the characters are a lot more consistent with their storylines. Family Guy kinda' has their characters all over the place, but there hasn't been an episode from either show that didn't make me laugh or chuckle. So, they both do pretty good jobs in what they do.
  12. South Park all the way. I'm just not the Family Guy fan tbh.
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  13. Granted I rarely watch South Park but from what I've seen I'd rank them something like this . . . Family Guy Pre-2nd Cancellation > South Park > Family Guy Post-2nd Renewal. Though again, I rarely watch South Park, and I don't watch Family Guy anymore aside from the occasional special (e.g. the 200th episode) for that matter.
  14. sp 4 me i just dont find fg funny
  15. Family guy all the way . I mean i have nothing against South park it does make me laugh sometimes but Family guy is just awesomely written, Seth MacFarlane voice acting is perfect and more importantly in the 202 episodes watched (Which means all of them :laugh:emoji_slight_smile: I remember at most 2 or 3 episodes that i didn't really enjoy.
  16. American Dad > Family Guy > South Park
  17. Honestly, lately I prefer American Dad over Family Guy. lol

    Family Guy seems to be running dry on ideas. :meh:
    South Park hasn't appealed to me since I was 15. :haha:
  18. Can't believe so many people enjoy Family Guy. Such a shitty show.

    King of the Hill and Boondocks > all
  19. King of the Hill is more of a realistic humor. A lot of stuff on that show can happen in real life. The Boondocks is the best show, better then South Park. They take real life stuff and present it in a clear way that anybody can get with getting a little research in it.
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