south park stick of truth discussion thread

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  1. This game is one of the biggest reasons why I kept hold of my ps3 and finally its being released soon on march the 7th... finally so who's getting it?
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  2. I was gonna get it but it got delayed twice so I've given up. I'll probably get it when it hits $20 but I have no use for it when I play my PS4 way more than my PS3
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  3. I'm excited for it but I'm just disappointed it took so long.
  4. Yes the delays have really annoyed me too wad fuming in December didn't know it was delayed until the week before it wad meant to be out had the money ready and everything
  5. [​IMG]

    This picture pretty much sums it up why it's a must buy for me
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  6. 13 minutes of gameplay :yay:
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  7. Just watched that it looks promising can't wait to just wander around the town looking for all the references to the tv show
  8. It should definitely be a good game to play for awhile, may get tiresome after if played too frequently tho just like any other game really.
  9. Arrrgh just over a week to go feel like cartmen waiting for the Nintendo wii to come out expecting this to be one of my favorite games this gen
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  10. Watched a series of it and I personally wil lsay it looks like one of the best south park games ever, My fave of all time was south park rally but this completely blows it out of the water it looks like it could be fun. I'm getting it :emoji_slight_smile:
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  11. I'ma get it
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  12. Gonna pre order it. I have about a half week of off work after its released so I know what I'm doing with those days off.
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  13. Always hated South Park, and massive delays on a game usually never turn out good. It does in some cases, but take a good long look at DN:F.
  14. This game should be pretty decent, idk if the replay value will be as high as most other RPGs like it, I'll probably Redbox it (rent it from a kiosk) to test it out and if the replay value is good I will absolutely buy it, especially being a fan of the show since it first started airing.
  15. Game is pretty sweet, straight up like Turn Based RPG with Skyrim shit added to it.
    Was cracking me up when I was playing my first couple hours on it.
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  16. damn I thought it came out next week. It came out today?

    prolly pick it up later then
  17. Yeah went with my buddy to get it at midnight! Pretty far in, alledgedly it takes like 10-14 hrs if ur cruising through it but there's a good amount of side quests and shit. It's a very interesting game imo, I love how they made it!
  18. 10-14 hours? maybe a renter then...
  19. Is it any good?
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