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  1. I loved Stick of Truth, who else is hyped for this game?
    New trailer:

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  2. Can't wait. Also considering that the creators have said they listened to criticisms of last game (namely "lack of creative options" and "short story) I really hope it's overhauled for this time around.
  3. LOL can I play as Cartman?
  4. I want online co-op more than anything.
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  5. You could play as most of the kids in Stick of Truth. You never even seen it? 100% must play.
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  7. Nah man. Don't really know anything about video games aside from like Pokemon and GTA, oh and Red Dead Redemption :gusta:

    I might check these out.
  8. Just skip through the video to see what it's all about. In short, it's an RPG. Collect/level up weapons and armor, complete missions, collect items such as dildos and pubic hair and battle nazis and dwarves.
  9. LOL sounds fun just off your description :obama:

    Gonna watch this.
  10. You'll love it. And best of all, it looks exactly like the cartoon when playing and has full cutscenes just like it.
    Btw, look what happens when you open random people's doors on your journey,

    it's packed full of stuff like this.
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  11. Personally, I didn't like Stick of Truth too much. I didn't like the episodes it was based off of, or the show the episodes were based off of.

    Was meh.
  12. You also have to have a battle while two people are having sex while avoiding getting hit by certain body parts... LOL I don't care how stupid people think this show is or this game sounds but it was hilariously fun to play.
  13. I loved Stick of Truth and I also can't wait for this game. I love RPGs and I love South Park, so it's a perfect match for me.
  14. Stick of Truth was one of my favorite games ever, so I can't wait till I get to play this. Hype for the "butthole" is real
  15. December 6th can't come quick enough i loved the first game and can't wait to play this i hope the free copy of stick of truth is uncensored as well as the new game it really annoyed me that I've missed some parts of the original as it was censored
  16. Already pre-ordered this game in the PS store... South Park, Mafia III and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare are the 3 major games i'm getting this fall.
  17. I just read that you're going to be able to play as a girl in Fractured But Whole and the characters will react to you differently based on the gender you pick.

    Even though I just dressed my Stick of Truth character up like a girl, I can understand why they did it for that game. The girls have always been antagonists to the boys in the show, and they would have to have rewritten the story to accommodate for it.

    But now it's cool they're giving you the choice and there will be differences based on that choice.
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  18. I was just reading up on all the new stuff, so excited super cereal right now! :clue2::xanth:
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