Spain/Italy U21 final

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  1. Absolutely amazing to watch. Spain decimating Italy. The Spanish are leagues ahead of any U21 team in the world atm :yay:

    3-1 inside 39 minutes.
  2. God thiago is such great player i really hope he stays with Barca next season:please:
  3. And I hope United land him.
  4. Spain senior team are back-to-back European Champions, and so are their Under 21's. Their under 19's won it this year too, and their Under 20's start today. So yeah, Spain are absolutely dominating world football right now.
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  5. Wonder if we can now try and sign Isco or is he like joining the Confed team?
  6. He won't join the confederations cup team. I really hope City don't get him, the guy is far too good.
  7. I am however ridiculously surprised that Barcelona aren't in for him.
  8. It's ridiculous that we already have the best team on paper. They just don't always play well. This kid plays like God though. :jericho:

    I know, Doesn't Thiago Alcantara wan't to leave as well? :dawg:

    - According to The Telegraph (Don't know how reliable) We're going to bid £30,000,000 this week.
  9. City honestly have the best team on paper, and one of the best midfield roster in world football. Maybe not at Barca or Madrid level, but not far off. Silva and Toure can play for both Barca and Madrid easily, and not many teams can say that about their midfield.

    I think Barcelona are just stacked up to fuck with world class CM's. Busquets, Iniesta, Xavi, and Fabregas (all Spanish) are there already, with part-timers like Alex Song. Thiago simply wants game time but I think he'd rather stay with Barcelona and be active. That makes me respect him more though; willing to leave the best club today with a decent pay-cheque for some game time to further his personal ambitions. More players need to do this.

    I'm happy he wants to go as United are heavy favourites to land him :yay:. Isco could go to Man City, and Thiago to United, the two hottest young Spanish prospects who just dominated the Euro's single-handedly joining rival BPL teams :yay:.
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  10. Thiago at UTD, and Isco at City is like a rival love story. Also I like what you did there with 'Midfield Roster' totally American-ing our Soccer up.:neymar2:
  11. Lmao my bad :okay:

    United need one of them more. Kagawa + Thiago is a match up made in heaven. Silva + Isco though is fucking fap worthy as well. If they do both come, United and City will once again dominate the BPL this year with the #1 and #2 spot, regardless of who Mourinho signs.

  12. Which look's to be Cavani, Apparently Chelsea & Cavani's agent will meet in Laandon tomorrow. 63 million euro's. I bet he flops.
  13. Iniesta, xavi, thiago, Sergio, cesc, neymar.. They can't afford 25M£ right now and they don't really need him
  14. I think he'd be like Aguero. On his day, unplayable, but that day doesn't come quite often enough. I can't see Cavani competing with RVP for the golden boot, but I can see him knocking in around 15+.

    Barcelona could afford it if they wanted. They reportedly want Mata for £30 million. Barcelona gross nearly as much as United do in a year (over a £100m of pure profit) so I wouldn't be surprised if they have plenty more to spend. Though, not even Isco can start in the Barcelona side.
  15. Btw catalunya isn't Spain.
  16. Didn't say it was. Do those players play for the Spanish side?
  17. Borini scored :boss1:
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