Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. I'm sick of been called one.

    There is a difference from been a spammer and been very active. I post more in my posts than the people who are calling me a spammer.

    I would generally appreciate it, if you didn't call me it from now on, I was going to take a few days away from the forum but I'm not sure that is what I want to do.

    I don't know...
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  2. Anyone that calls you a spammer is obviously not well informed on the term 'spamming.'
    99% of your posts are of good length, high quality or provoke a positive response from members.
  3. I say this all the time. Just like the world "troll" on here, spammer is completely misunderstood. I think most of the rather intelligent members know you're not a spammer at all, and the rest of them you shouldn't even worry about.
  4. A thread about me! :yay:
  5. If you leave I'm comin' for you and duct taping you to your chair an rigging your computer so you're only allowed to be on here :finger:
  6. Thanks for the kind words, It just gets me down a little bit knowing I come on here, I like to talk wrestling, and speculate as to what could happen and what should have happened I try put in a decent amount of input and get called a Spammer for it.

    Yeah some of my posts might not be the best in the world, but I'm sure they all have a message behind them.
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  7. They definitely do. You're (imo) hands down the member of the month. Those who call you a spammer are the same who call others trolls or try "trolling", just take it on the chin. Also, report posts calling you a spammer if you take it badly, it counts as flaming so it'll get removed and they'll be warned.

  8. Even if you did spam who cares! We get to see that .gif everytime you do :-)
  9. Just say...

    SPAM THIS :finger:!!!!


    "Spammer" is just like "Troll". People throw the term around and half the time don't even understand what it means.
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  10. Dude lack you are both. Someone stated you posted RAW IS BACK after every commercial, that is not HQ. One word responses are NOT hq, and posting 200+ times a day is going to guarantee you have some spam posts. No one is saying you arent HQ, people just see most of your posts down the line during the day as quick 2 second responses. It's like crayo calling people noob, it doesnt mean the same as most people take it, except crayo abuses noob more than you spam :haha:
  11. You can not bring up a RAW discussion thread and use it against him as "spamming". A RAW live discussion thread is discussing RAW live, nothing in there will ever be HQ. It's too fast.
  12. I kinda agree on it but I do the same thing.
    But than again, I do it to try to get Fan of the Week which I can never get.
  13. Punk, If you're active in the Raw discussion thread. I'll let you achieve fan of the week.
  14. I'm good.
    I'm probably not gonna be in Discussion thread tonight.
  15. So the only time, I'm going to willingly let you win it, You're not participating. :ohgod:
  16. :lol1: so the discussion thread is a lq chatroom.
  17. About RAW. It's exactly what it says on the tin, a RAW discussion thread.
  18. Reminds me about the Brock Lesnar return reactions. :dawg:



    I might. :dawg:
  19. lq posts are lq wherever. His TNA posts are awesome, and if he posted that in the TNA discussion i would quote and ask :dafuq: for a reason. Spam is spam, i already said he is HQ mostly, but that doesn't change the posts that aren't.

    Same as vince in count to 10000, (close it) it's just counting, nothing HQ is expected but how many are hoss and mince posts? over 1k each i bet, which is a grip more than most people post here in a month.
  20. My discussion thread posts are always HQ. I dare anyone to try and dispute that
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