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  1. Just thought about that and maybe @HBK could take care about that sub-forum and as he's Spanish maybe he now Spanish people who likes wrestling like him and we could have more activity. This may not be a great idea but I think in the end it could work...
  2. I don't see a reason for there being a sub forum for Spanish speakers. We have users from all over the world on here. The united states, united kingdom, Scandinavia, continental Europe, Asia and the middle east. If we were to have a Spanish sub forum to cater to a minority of our userbase then by that logic we should have sub forums for the rest as well. It just isn't feasible or logical. 90% of our users speak English fluently and the remaining 10 can make themselves understood.

    There is no reason for us to have a Spanish sub forum.
  3. It's true but maybe a sub forum where people can post there in their own language or something could be a good idea and could increase the activity, maybe it's not a great idea (I said that before) but it may get more active users to this forums
  4. I don't think having a forum where users can post in their native languages would draw any users here. We are a wrestling forum. The thing that will draw new users to our site is wrestling and having good content for users to discuss. If people wanted to discuss wrestling in Spanish, Indian or Swedish they would do that on a Spanish, Indian or Swedish site.

    A section solely dedicated to speaking in native languages would most likely not draw any new users to us.
  5. There's not the numbers required for this to be necessary to be honest. All our members speak English. Still, thanks for the suggestion anyway.
  6. Automated response: Suggestion has been denied.
  7. Maybe because Spanish only speakers see this as an English only forum, so don't register. Same for every language.
    I like the idea of a non-English section, threads could be prefixed by country flags. Make the site appeal to the widest demographic possible.
  8. Where would the content come from though? Would threads be translated and moved or would it just be the native speakers?

    Would something like this be a better option? the translating can be terrible I know but it's better than nothing isn't it?
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