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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. If you could change any 3 things happening in the current story lines on Raw/Smackdown... What you change?

    First, I would change what AJ is doing. I want to see her in the ring, not being some side show hussy for the superstars. I was glad Dolph got off the Vicky train but come on. She was only replaced by another woman who is going to take away from his talk time. Ziggler would do fine on his own, I am sure AJ would as well.

    Second is Team Hell No. I like them, don't get me wrong... But Kane is way better solo and Daniel Bryan should be on his own making a mark. He is the best wrestler (skills wise) the WWE has imo. I feel as if he is being thrown under the rug simply because he is not some brute meatball. The way its looking is Ryback will hold the WWE championship title before D-Bry and if that happens I will be very pissed off at Vince and the writers. So, I would split up THN.

    Third, I would fix the crap story lines that the Divas have had for the last, what, 2 years? No one even cares about them anymore unless they are intertwined in some soap opera crap with the superstars. This kind of goes along with my first change, but still... I want female wrestlers to mean something more then something pretty to look at in between "real" matches.
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  2. Damn, nice wordplay in the title. Thought this was a begging thread :smug:

    Anyway, first things first, i'd change Sheamus. Everything, his gimmick, his catchphrases, his Cloverleaf, his opponents, his storyline. He has tons of potential, and it's just wasted on what he's doing right now.

    Secondly, as you very well said, I'd change Hell No. There are rumours that this could be Kane's last year, so he should go out with a Bang by winning the Royal Rumble and fighting the Rock at Wrestlemania. Bryan is pure talent, so anything he does will be good.

    Third, I'd change the whole lower card division. Better, longer matches for younger talent. They need that.
  3. PUSH 3MB as a legit group.. Like the shield... Otherwise what's the point?

    - stop this crap of bringing in people like rock and bork or one offs and then not use them for half a year... In or out... Pick a lane!

    Great Khali... Hornswoggle... Natty.. Just stop...
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  4. I'd drop the titles from DB and Kane (although i think this is happening soon)
    I'd force a Orton heel turn.
    and last but not least i'd start to seriously consider calling up pagie from nxt
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