Speculate What The Hell Crayo Is Talking About

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    What does this mean?

    I know what it is. I'll give you a teaser.

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  2. Probably shouldn't have posted that as it's not a 100% definite for tomorrow, but it could/should be. It'll be sick.
  3. There's a new secret investor.
  4. Crayo is the secret investor of TNA? :shock:
  5. Something to do with a site, possibly an update in staff(includes possible one moving up in position) or some plug in or an image change.
  6. TNA, now owned by WWEforums.net. Crayo paid in Xanth
  7. Jonathan finally gets staff? :hmm:

    Naah :dawg:

    Crayo ashley finally paid someone and got a new header. You're welcome, folks.
  8. Something underwhelming I'm sure. :pipebomb:

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  9. Crayo finally got that fleshlight he wanted
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  10. Crayo be putting Justin Beiber every where on the site....
  11. Its nudes.
  12. :hmm:

    Crayo is a woman?
  13. That would kill so many fantasies.
  14. ... Or would it create new ones :russo:
  15. Cornish women? :eww:
  16. :hmm:

  17. I could see Shadow becoming mod. Or some update that he is overhyping. Or Crayo is making a group. Or some Live Discussion thing for RR
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  18. Shadow isn't becoming a mod till Mania from what I've heard.
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  20. Save_Us.CR4Y0
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