Speculation about the draft.

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  2. Details about the draft.

    Thread title should read "Speculation about the draft", because there are no details in what you posted.
  3. Details about the draft.

    Basically putting two and two together and adding "maybe's", stupid dirtsheets. Orton doesn't draw on SmackDown, ever.
  4. RE: Details about the draft.

    This. The report essentially says what we've been speculating for a while tbh. It even sounds like a post someone has posted on here.
  5. I made a mistake and corrected it you didn't really have to confirm his f*cking post.
  6. You are such an angry fella.

  7. We should create our very own dirtsheet.
  8. We should create our very own dirtsheet.
  9. This.. is.. actually a brilliant idea. Let me be a writer, I would kill it.
  10. We'd need Savage back for this.
  11. The draft should be this week!

  12. I hope the draft is next week we need to spice the rosters up its looking dull right now
  13. If we have a draft we need to blow supershow off apart from maybe the champions so we get champ vs champ sometimes!
  14. With his inability to string together a series of words to form a coherent sentence I don't see him being much of an asset.
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