News Speculation on Hulk Hogan's WWE Status After Merchandise and More Removed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jul 24, 2015.

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  1. - There's a lot of speculation about Hulk Hogan's WWE status right now. Hogan's profile and references to Hogan have been removed from WWE's official website, his merchandise is gone from WWE Shop, and he's been removed from the Tough Enough website.

    Furthermore, it appears WWE has switched Curtis Axel's gimmick back to his original character and dropped the "Axelmania" gimmick that was a parody of Hogan.

    We'll keep you updated on any new details but Hogan tweeted the following early Friday:

  2. Wonder what type of racial tirade he went on.
  3. Coming to a GFW event near you; The newest GFW sensation, the Immortal HULK HOGAN!!:hogan:
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  4. Oh man, can't wait to hear another mad lie of Hulk's when he gets asked about this, brother.
  5. Well the one more match is probably not going to happen. The only way Hulk's going to Wrestlemania is if he buying a seat. :booker2:
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    Edit: Nevermind! That site was a satire site and I got a bit worked brother.
  7. Hogan is a lame ass turd. Seriously, fuck that guy.
  8. What's happened brother? Did hulk bodyslam some ethnic minorities in front of 150000 screaming maniacs in the sky dome again?
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  9. You can see that I edited the post once figuring it out
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  10. I didn't see that because the thread auto saved my reply before I sent it, but sure.
  11. What the fuck?! Way to go Hulk...
  12. Does this mean Mr. America is coming back?
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  13. Remember Wrestlemania 3, when Andre tripped on a piece of ice? Good times.
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  14. How long until WWE welcomes Hogan back?
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  15. So apparently the comments were in his sex tape and were about his daughter "fucking n**gers" and that she should at least shack up with an "8 foot rich one" if she had to.

    Oh Hulkster
  16. I saw that too, bahahaha. It said the transcript or whatever hasn't been released yet but eventually will. I guess WWE got the heads up on that. The man only wants what's best for his daughter right? Right?
  17. Whatcha Gonna Do when the Hulkster runs his mouth and gets screwed.
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