News Speculation On Sarah Stock (Sarita) Coming To WWE

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 27, 2015.

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  2. CMLL = Indies?

    Pretty sure CMLL is a national promotion and not an independent
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  3. When it comes to WrestlingInc, every other promotion that isn't called WWE is an indie promotion. lol
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  4. You could have just written your own headline from the start. Also, her name is spelled Sarah. Or as she's more known in the states, Sarita.

    On topic: Good for her, wether it be as a trainer or wrestler. She deserves it.
  5. That would be fantastic. Will be fun watching a very talented girl have the honor of wrestling quality opponents :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. Former TNA Knockout Signs With WWE, Is She Headed To NXT?

  7. Bring Taryn to WWE please.
  8. Most people copy the title lol, seems like a mountain outta a molehill situation.

    On topic, she's a pretty entertaining worker if I remember her time in TNA currently.

    Is she still quality, last I saw of her was her feud with Gail Kim.
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  9. She's the one dating Austin? She should take him to WWE like he took her to ROH.
  10. You talkin' about Aries? If so, then no. A Double is dating Thea Trinidad and not Sarah Stock.
  11. I haven't watched more than a youtube clip for TNA since January. She is Taryn, I am down.
  12. Taryn is a heel - pretty stupid move, imo. Anyways, good for her. She's went too long without a major opportunity in the WWE.

    Still - CMLL >> AAA
  13. Yeah...until she gets her bring break and is stuck wrestling 10 minute clusterfuck tag matches with Alica Fox and Co.
  14. She's gone some form of mix of coocoo crazy and seductress heel. Which I guess works. Challenging Kong to lingerie matches and from what I gathered trying to steal Gail Kim's kids tho....
  15. No such thing as too much chocolate :adr:
  16. Word on the street is she's coming in as a trainer.
  17. Sara Del Ray now her? WWE hates latinas?
  18. I read she was the leader of the tag team that is waaaay out there. I'm interested, I just really don't watch wrestling in general lately, I download and skim WWE, spending about 45 mins on RAW max and hour and a half on ppv's? With almost everyone i hated in TNA gone, I really don't have a good reason to not bother at all, so i'll just blame @Testify
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