Speculations on backstage feel for Cesaro

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  1. It's a Meltzer report, make of it what you will.

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  2. Antonio has a lot of potential but no one seems to be buying his current gimmick :okay:
  3. The rugby gimmick wasn't that far of a reach for Cesaro...

    Though I still keep imagining him as a Swiss Banker.

    Care to say 'Side Job?'
  4. They have to stick him with a good gimmick and some good material. I don't think simply trashing the US is a good way to go in the long run, and his mic skills by themselves don't make his promos good.
  5. JBL went from jobbing/tagging one night to main eventing the next and holding the WWE championship for nearly a year.

    I don't give 'build' much credibility anymore. It's an outdated word that probably does more harm than good.

    Wade Barrett, for example? Giving Punk Nexus, just to tear down Wade and build him again was asinine.

    The 'E' has been 'building' Ziggs for years, yet he's just as talented as before and still w/Vickie... I'm not convinced he'll stay main eventing either

    Are they 'building' Kofi Kingston, too? Doubt that. Ripping the IC off Miz meant something, right?

    'Build' means jack sh** in 2012... especially when social media alone can get the crowd into you (i.e Zack Ryder)
  6. Isn't it possible that he can spin the rugby gimmick into the banker gimmick. Have him mention himself investing some of the money he made in rugby and then a month or two later he is revealed to have made an insane profit, making him very rich. Thus he can transform from his rugby character to a rich, pompous European asshole. Am I the only one who sees that as possible?
  7. It is possible, indeed a nice way to transition into the other character.
  8. Nice to hear my man CLAUDIO is doing well in WWE, he deserves all the goods of the world. And lolBarrett.
  9. @[Candy Colored Clown] He's being booked pretty darn strong. Had a match with Sheamus aka the big white burying machine recently which he only lost due to a count out. That is saying something
  10. Too bad they put him in feuds with filler opponents, though. He needs stronger names.
  11. He's actually in a feud with R-Truth now. His name carries some weight since he is an upper midcarder right now and over as well. I hope they can make it into a good first feud for him.
  12. Well, okay then. But R-Truth is shite, tbh. How can crowds like him? Smh...
  13. Because of a stupid child friendly character. But it's easy heat for Cesaro to make fun of fat American children so I can't exactly complain and it gets him out there. He has had some amazing matches lately, a four way for the US title between him, Truth, Barrett and Kofi on this weeks RAW for example. He's also in a champ vs champ with Kofi tonight on Main Event which should be a real good match.
  14. Cesaro is good the way he is now. The guy is always impressive in the ring, so he really doesn't need a gimmick to put him over, so WWE should take their time in developing the right one for him. I could see him winning the WWE title in 2 years give or take.
  15. Agree with everything except the WWE Title. I see him more of a WHC competitor, since it's the upper mid-card title now.

    His match with Sheamus was incredible as was the fatal 4-way for the US Title (which I actually thought Truth would win, setting up a rematch at TLC for the title). He's carried the belt very well and I think is cementing himself very well for the future.

    I don't see main event for another 4 or 5 years, but I do see his character continuing to be built up.

  16. Aside from not being all that great on the mic, Cesaro is wrestling at a WHC level right now. That is why I say in 1 or 2 years because if he polishes up his mic skills there's no way WWE will let him remain stagnant on Smackdown as a 2nd rate champion...oh wait WWE is dumb. You might be right about this :cornette:
  17. R-Truth is actually a good wrestler. The only bad thing about him is that he got stuck with a PG gimmick. His heel run against Cena was quite good if I do recall.
  18. When little Jimmy comes marcing out hoorah, hoorah :cornette:
  19. He's not good, tbh. I'd say he's mediocre, but at least he know where his place is.
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