Speculations on Bryan vs Sheen feud

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Note that the source here is Meltzer so take it with a grain of salt. Still this is what it seems to point towards at the moment.

  2. INB4JonathanGoesOnHisBigSarcasticRant

    So they know what we know, fuck all?
  3. Sounds truly awful. Fuck kane and fuck sheen
  4. God damnit. Why does Sheen need to be with us? He has no kind of interest in WWE and at the end of the day, all of Sheen's marks will still be sheen marks, not wrestling fans.
  5. Even without Sheen, who wants to see Kane/Bryan??? puke
  6. I suppose it's better than him disappearing.
  7. That's the one thing that could be said. Positive: WWE clearly wants Bryan involved with their product. Negative: they have no idea how to keep him relevant in a way to appease me.
  8. Yeah, I rather have Kane feud with some other boring dude than Bryan.
  9. I'd rather Kane retire, probably not a popular choice but he's so dull.
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  10. I don't think this is an unpopular opinion at all.
  11. Bryan's getting a rub and people are complaining. I'm all for this. Leggo'
  12. If we keep Bryan on TV then fine. Plus Sheen can be a funny guy so maybe there would be some good banter and promo's! ONLY MAYBE!
  13. Bryan will probably job, celebs always win. I'm expecting Sheen to punch him straight into a chokeslam.
  14. learn to spoiler tag bro :dafuq:

    guess I won't have to watch the match now
  15. The match itself will be good, I also seeing Bryan job but that's fair enough considering it's Sheen. At least it's a high profile celeb which will actually help Bryan, not that he needs it as he's clearly the most over guy on the roster. Perhaps it will help him draw enough for them to feel comfortable putting the strap on him. I don't see Bryan's reactions getting any quieter so we have plenty of time.
  16. This is very similar to Lashley and Umaga in the battle of the billionaires thing, it didn't really help either guy as it was over shadowed by Vince and Trump, which I'm guessing is what will happen with Sheen. Plus I don't want these actors anywhere near a wrestling show, call me odd if you wish but I want feuds to be built around professional wrestlers not some actor with a coke addiction.
  17. of all the fucks to stick with Sheen.. Kane?? how does this make sense lmao. it's just retarded all around
  18. I don't think you're alone there at all, all of us feel the same way there. But you have to understand it, it's Summerslam, it's a ton of mainstream attention which is what WWE aim for. Summerslam has to sell better than the ordinary PPV, it's one of the big four. If you think modern WWE is only going to care about professional wrestling then you're watching the wrong show, it's a global phenomenon now unfortunately.

    This is what pissed me off. Bryan is carrying this feud with his promos, which are awesome. But Kane cutting a promo just sucks, he's decent on the mic but it makes no sense and it normally turns out being boring. I would much prefer someone like Kofi aligning with Sheen.
  19. I have no problem with them gaining mainstream attention, just don't blend the two. Have Sheen as a host will get them the attention, hell you could feud him with countless other younger guys if they wish. You don't take one of the top 3 best wrestlers on the planet and stick him in this crap style of feud IMO. Bryan is better than this.
  20. Just putting two and two together there, but I could see that happening for sure. Let's just hope they don't screw this up with Kane beating Bryan... nah who am I kidding. Seabs already spoiled the end anyway.
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