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  1. I have the need.... The need for speed... Bitch. :jesse:
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  2. Of all the game franchsies they could choose to make a movie from, they pick the least interesting franchise since NFSU. I'm ashamed for the people who made this film, it looks like absolute turd!
  3. Nobody gives a fuck for a Zelda movie :downer:

  4. Yep, because if they made it, it'd be terrible. The only good franchise they could make a film of is either Portal or MGS.
  5. I hope Celestia gets killed next season by the Ultimate Warrior.

  6. Not before Pinkie Pie!

  8. There was an actual fan made movie. People were always split into two sides saying it was good or it was bad. Eventually it had to get taken down though since Nintendo didn't approve of it. I know the guy who did the music for the movie :hmm: don't remember his name, but he's on my Facebook friends list.
  9. This is going to be the best movie ever....Bitch:jesse:
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